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Giana Vicosa: Robert Vicosa Dead With Daughters- Who is her Mother

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Giana Vicosa: Robert Vicosa Dead With Daughters- Who is her Mother


Giana Vicosa was seven years old daughter of fugitive officer Robert Vicosa, involved in a multi-state search. Find tragic details of the kidnapped case.

Giana, 7, and Aaminah, 6, were kidnapped on November 14, 2021, after Robert assaulted their mother in her residence home in Pennsylvania.

Robert was aided in this kidnapping and fleeing crime by his co-worker and ex-sergeant, Tia Bynum.

The ex-Baltimore County officer Robert was chased and pursued by multiple authorities and police departments of different states until he met his sad end on November 18, 2021.

The culprits were shot in their vehicle on Thursday near the West Maryland road intersection.

Sadly, the two naive kids also lost their life following the firing at the vehicle.

While Giana was reported dead at the incident place, Aaminah was said to be injured by the gunshots and was rushed to the hospital. She is being operated in critical condition as per some initial reports.

Authority reports say otherwise by blatantly stating that all four were found dead in the parked vehicle.

Who Is Giana Vicosa?

Giana Vicosa was the 7 years old daughter of a police officer turned criminal, Robert Vicosa.

Giana was kidnapped alongside her younger sister Aaminah (6 years) from their residence on November 14, 2021.

Robert beat and sexually assaulted his ex-wife or the children’s mother at her home, accompanied by his crime partner Tia.

He then kidnapped his two daughters and fled the scene in a 2010 Ford Edge vehicle assigned a Maryland license plate.

The car details were issued in the initial police reports, and a nationwide chase was indicted against Robert.

The license plate number 2DT4716 was scoured throughout the state, but a change in the kidnapping vehicle was reported after the fugitives stole another car.

Robert was reported to have held a Pennsylvania woman to gunpoint and then stolen her car to recourse the police officers.

The chase that ended with tragic deaths in the West Maryland road intersection led to Giana losing her life through inflicted gunshots.

The 7 years old was already dead when the examining police officers checked for her conditions after the firing ceased.

Is Robert Vicosa Dead With His Daughters? Incident Details

Robert Vicosa, his fugitive partner Tia Bynum, and his 7 years old elder daughter Giana Vicosa were reported dead from the Western Maryland intersection region.

The criminal father and his sergeant crime partner met their death from the gunshots aimed at them by pursuing police officers.

Giana died at the road intersection inside the stolen vehicle, whereas her sister Aaminah was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, where she is yet to be stabilized.

The sisters were kidnapped and held captive for 4 days now, and the criminal father reportedly changed the car to misdirect the chasing officers.

Giana Vicosa Family Details-Meet Her Mother

Giana Vicosa was living with her mother and younger sister in their Pennsylvania state residence home.

Giana’s mother, or Robert’s ex-wife, lived away in solitude from her violent husband after their divorce.

On November 14, 2021, Giana’s mother was attacked and assaulted by Robert in her home before he fled the scene by kidnapping his daughters.

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