Fully Funded GCU Transfer Scholarship 2023


Fully Funded GCU Transfer Scholarship 2023

If you’re looking to transfer to Grand Canyon University, a transfer scholarship could be just what you need. A GCU scholarship allows students who previously attended another college or university to receive financial assistance for their education. However, there are some important factors about this type of aid that students should know before applying for one.

GCU provides several scholarship opportunities to students who are looking to study in the school. Transferring students are not left out because the school also offers scholarships like the Gap and Transfer Scholarship targeted at students transferring from the other schools to GCU. 


About Grand Canyon University

The campus of GCU is situated in the center of Phoenix and is home to a large and diverse community of students from all walks of life. GCU was founded on the principles of ethics, missionary activity, and integrating the worldview into all facets of academics and campus life. 

It is no secret at Grand Canyon University that choosing a university is frequently influenced most by the expense of higher education. For this reason, the school offers a variety of grants and scholarships to assist students in paying for their education.

Over the past ten years, GCU's campus has witnessed phenomenal development, with a roughly $1.6 billion expansion that included new technology, academic and research facilities, sports arenas, and student amenities.

Additionally, GCU upholds its promise to enhance the neighborhood and offer full-time faculty members chances for ongoing professional development.

If you plan to transfer from another college or university to GCU and attend classes on GCU's main campus as a traditional, undergraduate student, “Gap and Transfer Student Scholarships” could help put you in the right direction..

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These scholarship programs are open to international students and students who do not start college the fall semester after graduating from high school. 

A student must submit the required documents as well as comply with the regulation of the scholarship application if they want to be considered for financial aid or a scholarship.

Let us now properly discuss who is eligible to apply for this award. 


GCU Transfer Scholarship

Eligibility to be Considered for this Scholarship

  • You need to submit your high school transcript if you didn't attend some other colleges or universities. If you have an overall average high school GPA of 2.5 or better, you can apply for these scholarships using your SAT and/or ACT test results. A student's cumulative college transfer GPA might be used to determine eligibility for academic scholarships if they have tried six or more college credits.
  • Unofficial transcripts must be submitted for scholarship adjustment purposes no later than two weeks before the start of the term. By day 21 of the semester, all official transcripts must be submitted in order to secure your scholarship grant.
  • You must continue to be a full-time GCU student and follow the scholarship requirements after you have been admitted as a conventional, undergraduate student and started taking classes on the school's main campus.
  • You must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher at your previous school. This requirement is the same for all students, regardless of their major. If you have a lower GPA, you may be able to appeal for a waiver if there are extenuating circumstances that prevented you from meeting this minimum requirement (such as being away from home due to military service). The admissions office will consider these factors when making their decision about whether or not your application will receive consideration for transfer scholarships.
  • You must be admitted through the Office of Admissions and begin classes at GCU within one year of transferring.
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Value & Amount of the Scholarship

Grand Canyon University provides a range of significant scholarship possibilities to help students pay for their higher education. From $1,500 to $6,750, there are five different Indirect Start Scholarship grant levels available. 

Your GPA and/or ACT or SAT test results will determine how much scholarship money you will earn. Also eligible for these grants are students studying abroad and those taking a gap year! Additionally, all of our scholarships at Grand Canyon University are renewable yearly.

You must maintain a minimum GPA of the award program specified by your scholarship in order to keep it.

Tips to Apply and Succefully Win the GCU Transfer Scholarship

  • There is no autosave option for applications through the GCU scholarship site (except direct applications to organizations), so please save your work since the portal may timeout while you are deep in contemplation about what to write next… and you might lose all work!!
  • Maintain a backup file in case something goes wrong, and then draft in a word/office document before transferring to the program after you are satisfied with your submission.
  • You must put some effort into the application and write more than a few phrases explaining why you desire the scholarship and how it will benefit you.
  • Applications sent after the deadline will not be accepted, so be mindful of it and make sure you submit on time.
  • Be comprehensive, succinct, and imaginative while completing scholarship application forms. Readers of these applications are interested in you as a person, not simply your name. The application should make clear mention of your goals, driving forces, and unique qualities.
  • What are your long-term and short-term objectives? Describe how the scholarship may help you achieve them.
  • Include any previous accomplishments and honors you have won.
  • What effect will financial assistance have on your capacity to study or travel?
  • Are there any personal or family factors that contribute to your financial need? The most insignificant event may be big if you portray it honestly.
  • Consider the university's mission for the common good and include it in your application.
  • Check that your application is cleanly typed, well-written, and free of mistakes or typos.
  • Remember, you're applying for a scholarship, not the course, therefore explain your financial need, motivation, and future goals in connection to the course… not all of the prerequisites for enrollment in the course.
  • To ensure that your application is submitted successfully through the scholarship site, you will get a confirmation email (only GCU Scholarships).
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How to Apply for this Award

You must apply for your desired program of study and get an acceptance letter from GCU or GCU London before you can begin.

On the specific scholarship page for each program, there are instructions on how to apply.



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