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Former Motocross Racer Pit Beirer Accident, Video Viral, Biography, Images, Pictures, And Get All Details

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Former Motocross Racer Pit Beirer Accident, Video Viral, Biography, Images, Pictures, And Get All Details

Former Motocross Racer Pit Beirer Accident Video Viral Bio Images Pictures And Get All Details

In the year 2003, during the Bulgarian Grand Prix racing championship, the former professional motocross racer of Germany, “Pit Beirer” met a tragic crash that caused multiple severe injuries on his spinal cord resulting in permanent paralysis. Though Stefen Everts from the Factory Yamaha won the Motocross GP race of Bulgaria, the event ended tragically for the German motorcycle rider, Beirer. As per the reports, in the first lap, Beirer had been as great as second, however, during the biggest jump on the course, he lost control over his KTG and fell straight to the ground.

Pit Beirer Accident Video

The injuries on his back as well as on his chest were so deadly that he was immediately airlifted from the riding course to a nearby hospital. For Beirer, this accident stopped his riding career as the spinal injuries incurred by him left him completely paralyzed. Beirer is born on 19th October 1972 in the Radolzell am Bodensee town in Germany and at present is the Motorsports Director for the Austrian sports car and motorcycle manufacturing company, KTM AG.

Before the accident, the 46-year old former motorcycle rider took part in numerous motocross championships which include the World Championship. His riding career began in the year 1989 when he took part in the Federation Internationale de motocyclisme 250cc World Tournament and rode for Honda Motor company as well as for the Kawasaki Heavy Motorcycles. He was one of the top contenders in that championship and ended up being in 3rd place.

In the following World Championships that took place in 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2002, Beirer always finished at the third position. However, in the 1999 world tournament event, he finished second, while the former professional racer of France, Frederic Bolley came first. With every passing year, the success graph of Beirer started to increase and looking at his consistent as well as improving performance, the rider was signed by KTM in the year 2002.

He was the star rider, however, the tragic accident at the 2003 Bulgarian Grand Prix forced him to end his riding career. Life could not be crueller than this, yet, Beirer fiercely battled with challenges and instead of getting demotivated, he worked harder and recovered from the same. Although he could not continue his riding career once again, Beirer became the head of KTM’s off-road racing department. Meanwhile, at present, he is Motosports Director for KTM supervising the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team in the Grand Prix motorcycle racing as well as their off-road racing programs.


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