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Facts About Paula Newsome, Age & Husband: What Happened To Paula Newsome Legs? Funny Walk or Disability

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Facts About Paula Newsome, Age & Husband: What Happened To Paula Newsome Legs? Funny Walk or Disability


Paula Newsome, an American actress from CSI las vegas 2021 cast playing Maxine’s role, was depicted with a funny walk. Know about her leg’s disability in detail.

Paula Newsome’s first-ever debut on the big screen was in Straight Talk, where she was found as the supporting actress in 1992. Her recent movie is “Spiderman: No Way Home” which will be released on December 17, 2021.

From being the co-star in NBC sitcom Conrad Bloom in 1998 to The Lyon’s Den in 2003, she also got her role in the Women’s Murder Club, a police drama, in 2007. 

On the other hand, she has been the guest appearance in many shows like Parenthood, Drop Dead Diva, The New Adventures Of Old Christine, Suits, Castle, Barry as Detective, and many more.  

CSI Vegas: What Happened To Paula Newsome Legs? Funny Walk explained

Paula Newsome’s funny leg walk has become the issue of gossip all over the internet. On the other hand, it is a fundamental matter of concern for true fans.

Well, let us make it clear that nothing is wrong with her legs, and she is terrific. The awkward-looking footsteps might be the result of her uncomfortable outfit or some temporary bruise.

Likewise, the actress herself is utterly active on her social media and never talks about it. So she is just facing a rumor which will end soon in the future. 

Paula Newsome’s age happens to be 56 years as she was born on December 2, 1968. She comes from the birthplace of Chicago, Illinois, the United States, where she was brought up.

Paula started her acting career in her early twenties ad has been active since then. 

The graduate of Webstar University in the faculty of Theater Arts is successful in her career and her family. She describes herself as a wonderful daughter, sister, and friend.

Paula Newsome Husband

We can believe that Paula Newsome is a happily married wife to her husband, George Daniels. Although she has been an incredible wife to many men in front of the screen, her real man is supposed to be George, and he is a musician.

The post on her Instagram where she appeared in a cozy gesture with George makes us think so. But since she did not mention her as a wife in the bio, we cannot be sure of it.

She mentioned him as a family. He can be an elder brother or uncle as well.

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