Fact Check On What Actually Happened To Johnny Manziel As His Death Hoax Is Debunked

Fact Check On What Actually Happened To Johnny Manziel As His Death Hoax Is Debunked
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Johnny Manziel became a victim of the death hoax after a page on Facebook claimed his death. 

Johnny is an American football player who plays for the FCF Zappers. The NFL player has previously played for Cleveland Brown for its two seasons.

As a notable quarterback player, Johnny has loads of fan followers. His popularity has also dragged him into various controversies making him the most controversial subject.

And this time, Johnny is all over the news after some Facebook page mentioned his passing away, which has devastated his fan followers.

No QB Johnny Manziel Is Not Dead: Death Hoax Debunked

Quarterback player Johnny is not dead but has fallen into the death hoax. It all started when a Facebook page attracted a lot of attention from the public.

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The page claimed that Johnny died on 4 December 2021 around 11 am ET. Moreover, it has also expressed condolences and asked people to show their sympathy by liking and commenting on a page.

The Facebook page, “RIP Johnny Manziel,” started to catch the eye of millions of people only to find out the statement was fake.

Moreover, following the page, people have expressed their sadness towards the player, praying for his soul.

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Later on, his reps officially confirmed that Johnny has been alive and became a victim of a death hoax like other celebrities.

Johnny Manziel Accident And Car Crash Details

Johnny has also been a victim of a hit-and-run accident. Previously he reported to the police that the driver hit his car and then ran away.

Luckily, Manziel did not seem to have a serious. However, his car got T-boned during the crash.

The player even posted the picture on social media mentioning. Additionally, Johnny was under investigation in the car crash accident in April 2016.

The accident involves a rented Mercedes Benz smashing a Los Angeles light pole. However, Manziel has claimed that he was in the passenger seat during the whole event.

What Actually Happened To Johnny Manziel? Health Update

Johnny had a history of alcohol. His drinking habits and the issues with alcohol have even put him into a rehabilitation facility.

At present, the footballer is all healthy and doing perfectly fine. It might be because of his false death news that people have shown their concern.

As per the official statement against his death hoax, he was mentioned as healthy and alive. Moreover, he seemed to be doing well in his career too.


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