Fact Check: Is Chris Cuomo Gay? Boyfriend Name Amid Affair Rumors

Fact Check: Is Chris Cuomo Gay? Boyfriend Name Amid Affair Rumors


Chris Cuomo is not gay, though there are rumors of him being in a relationship with a boyfriend. 

Chris Cuomo, a long-time anchor from CNN got fired recently for assisting his brother, who was accused of sexual misconduct.

The network released his termination news stating that they hired a reputable law firm to conduct an independent investigation into his actions.

And as a result of their investigation, they discovered additional evidence that they felt justified firing him.

Fact Check: Is Chris Cuomo Gay?

No, Chris Cuomo is not gay but is a great supporter of the LGBTQ community.

He is happily married to his wife, Cristina Greeven Cuomo with three children together. However, because of his thoughts and respect for gay community and other LGBTQ people, his own gender seems to be misunderstood. Chris is an intelligent man who advocates for rights for womens and minorities of all colors.

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Following his dismissal as a CNN anchor on November 30, his fans are disappointed and have stated that they no longer have the reason to watch CNN shows.

One tweet stated, “Now that Chris Cuomo has been fired, who are the guys and girls supposed to watch? This is extremely upsetting CNN”.

While we’re on the subjectlet’s not forget about another injustice brought to light by his fans, which prompted them to vent their rage on CNN. Don Lemon, who is accused of sexual assault, was allowed to remain on the job while Chris Cuomo was fired.

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Chris Cuomo’s Boyfriend Name Amid Affair Rumors

Don Lemon was rumored to be Chris Cuomo’s boyfriend as the chemistry among them made people question his sexuality.

Furthermore, people are making fun of Lemon, wondering what he will do now that his partner Chris has been fired from CNN.

People have speculated that Don Lemon will resign from CNN in solidarity with his boyfriend. Furthermore, he might even launch a rival anti-Trump propaganda channel along with Chris and other fired presenters.

But these are all baseless rumors made for fun, and nothing is true about the related affairs. Moreover, their relationship is only that of close work buddies.

Is Chris Cuomo sick? Illness Update

Chris Cuomo was diagnosed with covid 19 back in March 2020. The situation was dire at the time, as he later explained, and he used to have hallucinations about his deceased father as a result of Virus infection.

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He is, however, doing well and in good health as of now. Despite his illness, he continued to broadcast his regular weekday show from his home during quarantine.

Which is highly acknowledged and appreciated by all his fans and well-wishers.

Despite his dedication and respect for his job, he was fired for supporting his brother. All of his fans have expressed their displeasure with CNN as a result of this.

We wish him a long, healthy, and prosperous life ahead.

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