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Exclusive: Young Dolph Shooting Video, Was Anyone Arrested?

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Exclusive: Young Dolph Shooting Video, Was Anyone Arrested?

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A terrifying video has emerged showing the seconds after Young Dolph was tragically murdered at a Memphis cookie bakery.

Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr., the rapper’s true name, is well-known in the Memphis neighborhood.

Young Dolph gained global fame in 2014 with his mixtape Young Dolph was scheduled to distribute turkeys at St. James Missionary Baptist Church(a local church in his neighborhood) in Memphis this week.

Unfortunately, his life was cut short to soon before he could do so.

Exclusive: Young Dolph Shooting Video Revealed

Young Dolph’s arm seems to be dangling out one of the store’s damaged windows, according to the Exclusive shooting video acquired exclusively by The Sun.

According to the source, the video was captured only seconds before the rapper’s body was removed from the scene, who prefers to remain anonymous who published the 44-second film on Twitter.

The camera then zooms in on the location where the arm was seen dangling out the window, only to reveal that officials had relocated it.

By Wednesday evening, the video, first filmed through Facebook Live, had received over 60,000 views on Twitter.

People started shouting that Young Dolph was dead as the video zooms in slightly to display the arm; the guy behind the camera is heard stating.

Maurice Hill, the owner of Makeda’s Butter Cookies, where the incident occurred, told FOX13 that his workers stated Young Dolph, 36, strolled into the business to buy cookies. Someone then drove up to the South Memphis bakery and shot and murdered him.

The anonymous witness said they heard roughly 50 gunshots while at the Shell gas station across the street.


Was Anyone Arrested?

At this time, officials have not revealed any information on the shooter.

Memphis police issued early details on the shooting shortly before 5 p.m. Officers stated that the inquiry points to Young Dolph as the victim but that the identification procedure has not yet been finished.

The police department condemned the incident and expressed their sympathy to the Thornton family.

On the site, hundreds of people came to the area as news of the incident spread worldwide. Tensions rose, and raw emotion erupted. People were sobbing on the ground. Some bystanders demanded a stop to gun violence and peace. Others cursed and expressed their outrage at the passing of the Memphis legend.

Police labored for hours to clear the mob from the area while attempting to make sense of the unfortunate incident. Airways Boulevard, a key thoroughfare in Memphis, was closed throughout the inquiry.

Meanwhile, an unidentified Airway Inn employee told The Sun in an exclusive interview that they were cleaning rooms in a hotel across the street from the crime site when they heard the gunshots.

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