Emmett Till Cousins, What Happened To Simeon Wright and Uncle Moses Wright?

Emmett Till Cousins, What Happened To Simeon Wright and Uncle Moses Wright?
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Simeon Wright, the cousin of Emmett Till who saw Till’s abducting and was the last to see him alive, died at the age of 74. 

Simeon Wright was with Emmett Till when the latter purportedly whistled at Carolyn Bryant Donham, a white lady, at a convenience store as a prank.

He was likewise with Till when the teen was ordered out at gunpoint by Roy Bryant and John William Milam, two white men, blamed him for teasing Donham.

Till was tormented and killed, with his body thrown into a waterway. Till’s mother decided to have his mangled body in plain view at his memorial service, with photos of Till published as coursed across the world.

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Emmett Till Cousins: Simeon Wright Death

Simeon Wright’s better half, Annie, affirmed his death on September 6, 2017(Monday morning) after experiencing inconvenience from bone cancer, as indicated by the Chicago Tribune.

Wright spent most of his childhood in Money, Mississippi, where Till traveled from Chicago during the summer of August 1955 to visit Wright and other family members.


What Happened To Uncle Moses Wright?

Emmett Till was staying at his uncle Moses Wright’s house when he was allegedly accused of flirting with a white woman named Carolyn Bryant.

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Apparently, Till’s cousins and his uncle Moseswitnessed his kidnapping. Unfortunately, Moses Wright is dead; he passed away at the age of 85 years in August 1977.

Simeon Wright Wikipedia Explored

Simeon Wright’s bio hasn’t been featured on the official page of Wikipedia. However, there are tons of other sources where you can discover more about him.

In the year 2005, Wright cooperated with Kevin Beauchamp in a documentary about the case and wrote his book. Currently, we are unable to trace out the details related to his academic background as well as his profession.


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How Rich Was Simeon Wright? Net Worth Explored

At the very moment, we are unable to fetch the exact number of Simeon Wright’s net worth, as it hasn’t been publicly disclosed yet.

We assume he might have left a substantial fortune for his family behind.

A Look At Simeon Wright Family

Simeon Wright and his family moved to West suburban Argo.

Born in northwestern Mississippi, Wright’s father was a sharecropper and circuit preacher while his mother, the former Elizabeth Smith, taught in school.

Simeon was the youngest of the eight siblings he had.


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