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Elle Roskamp Missing: Help Find and Locate Elle Roskamp 23 year-old woman from Michigan

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Elle Roskamp Missing: Help Find and Locate Elle Roskamp 23 year-old woman from Michigan


Elle Roskamp Missing Update – Elle Roskamp, whose gender and age is still unknown has been declared missing. The missing person features such as height, weight, color, shape and physique is still unknown was declared missing.

23 year-old Elle Roskamp from Michigan still missing After a Year

Elle Roskamp missing

Elle Roskamp was said to have gone missing on Wednesday, August 26th last year after she reportedly moved to Florida by one of the leaders in a group she joined which was frequented by students on the campus of Grace Christian University. She was said to have just left and none of her friends of family had heard from her.


Rosekamp reportedly changed after joining the group. Her family members said ” She went from a faith-filled, loving and bubbly personality to being filled with paranoia, fear and worry. She has disassociated herself from all family and friends- even her very closest friends.”

According to a GoFundMe account that was created by her family, The school she attended is said to be a major link in her disappearance, it says In August of 2020, “Elle Roskamp vanished. As a sister and daughter, her disappearance has left us devastated. We desperately need to find her. Not only for her sake, but to educate and warn other families and young women so this doesn’t happen again. Her journey is surreal and heartbreaking. It involves the details and documentation behind a very unusual live-in internship, what we believe to be questionable oversight by the University she attended, a tuition refund being offered under the condition we not talk about it, coercion, mental abuse, signs of other abuses and cult-like activities. In sharing these details and telling her story, we hope to find her. But we also want this story to educate and caution other parents, students and young women to keep them from falling prey to the same potential danger.”

The 23 year-old is described as a White female who is 5’8 feet tall and weighs about 125 pounds. She has brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes.

The GoFundMe account created to help fund her missing campaigns has realized $24,635 as of today the10th of August 2021 with a total goal of  $170,000. visit GoFundMe to donate.

Rosekamp’s family also shared some things that occurred while the 23 year-old was leaving with a family in Florida. Some of the activities shared by the family included consistent fast for long days, sleepless days of worship and they also said the family started using her for chores and were interpreting her dreams and also engaged her in “demon exorcism.” All of this according to her family made her break down both physically and mentally.

The family was said to have moved her to Florida after charges were filled against them which was later dropped as there were no profs. She was later brought back by her family to Bradenton after which she left again in August 2020 and no one has heard from or seen her since then.

The police along with the family of Rosekamp are still asking the help of the public in finding her.

Anyone who has information on her whereabouts have been asked to call (618) 648-9821.

This was made known through the news posted across the social media platforms earlier today. Any person giving any clue shall be suitably rewarded.

Please let us all join hands by locating Elle Roskamp by sharing this post to as many media as possible!!!

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