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Elizabeth Bice and Husband Jamie Thompson: Is Beth From Married At First Sight Pregnant In 2021?

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Elizabeth Bice and Husband Jamie Thompson: Is Beth From Married At First Sight Pregnant In 2021?


Is Beth from Married at first sight pregnant in 2021? is the most searched question after her appearance at the reunion that happened on Wednesday.  

Married at First Sight is an American reality television series that has completed 13 seasons and is currently in its 14th season.

Even though Season 13 has been completed successfully, the drama is still ongoing.

On Wednesday, November 17, there was a season 13 couple reunion, which provided insights into the show’s whereabouts and status.

People are speculating that Beth is pregnant based on her appearance following the MAFS union today.

According to her fans, Beth was sitting the entire time, reviewing the show. She was wearing a wrap dress; it may be because the dress showed her protruded belly a little, giving her fans some ideas about her pregnancy. 

But we don’t have any accurate information on the topic. She has not made any announcement about her pregnancy. Maybe she isn’t pregnant right now; otherwise, she wouldn’t have kept her fans guessing.

Like she shared the news about teaming up with Briana Myles to host the most memorable moments from Married at First Sight: Season 13.

Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson Were The Famous Couple On Season 9 On MAFS

When Elizabeth Bice was paired with Jamie Thompson in season 9, viewers were convinced that this volatile couple would not last.

However, on decision day, they chose to keep their marriage and continue to be one of the MAFS success stories.

Many viewers assumed that the couple wouldn’t last long but proving everyone wrong; they have been married for two years now. The couple tied the knot on March 23, 2019.

There was a rumor that the couple began arguing on their honeymoon. But they are still together, and according to interviews with media outlets, the lockdown and quarantine have brought the couple closer than ever.

Bice has a popular YouTube channel, where the couple uploads all kinds of videos, including the ASMR eating videos and life updates. Thompson remained a little more low-key, only appearing on it on occasion.

Thompson previously lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he worked as a web development engineer for Bank of America. And since 2019, he moved to California to work for Box as a senior technical consultant.

Does Elizabeth Bice Have A Baby?

Elizabeth doesn’t have a baby till now. In addition to that, she has not revealed anything about her pregnancy. 

Though there is a rumor going on all over social media about beth being pregnant, she has not commented on the news. 

They have not said anything about extending their family. We will update you soon with further information on her pregnancy and baby once any announcements are made.  


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