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Edai 600 Was Shot to Death – Who Killed The Chicago Rapper?

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Edai 600 Was Shot to Death – Who Killed The Chicago Rapper?


Rapper Edai 600 was shot and killed in Chicago. Read below to find the rapper’s obituary.

Musical artist Edai 600 was famous for his hip-hop music and rap videos. Here are some of his songs you shouldn’t miss – 600 Dead OppsCutthoat NiggasGoin Live, etc.

You can find his music tracks on YouTube and Deezer. Reportedly, he was also the founder of Team 600 ENT.

RIP: Who Was Rapper Edai 600?

Edai 600 was a rapper and songwriter based in Chicago. The entire social media outburst after hearing his death news.

According to Famous Birthdays, he was born on November 8, 1988. Thus, he died at the age of just 32 years old.

His album, Came From Nothing is everybody’s favorite. He had hit the headlines in 2012 after the release of his most popular song, Gucci.

Indeed, Edai 600 was not his real name. In fact, we have no idea what his actual name was. However, we know that he was also called Cordai Ealy.


Reportedly, he got his stage name from one of his cousins. Well, Edai was famous for being Cdai‘s brother too.

On May 9, 2016, Cdai was sentenced to 38 years of prison. According to XXL, he had a hand in the 2014 murder of Javan Boyd, a cab driver.

Edai 600 Was Shot And Killed – Obituary

On July 31, 2021, Edai 600 was shot multiple times on his back. But, we are still unsure who killed him.

Well, his death video hasn’t been uploaded on the internet. However, thousands of people have approached social media to speak about his demise.

Many 600 fans are devastated by the accident. Along with Edai, many rappers from 600 have been shot to death this year.


Currently, we have no idea about the murderer’s motive. However, some rumors claim that there could be some connections with his brother’s murder case.

Indeed, an investigation is being carried out at this hour. We can expect an update very soon.

Is Chicago Rapper Edai Really Dead?

We can confirm that Edai 600 is dead. Many fans and celebrities have already provided their condolences.

In his recent Instagram post, fellow musicians have commented about his passing. Even we send our prayers to his friends and family.


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A post shared by Edai (@koopa600)


Hopefully, the rapper’s departed soul will find heaven. Indeed, he was a true artist who always believed in helping others.

At the moment, we are unsure about his net worth. However, we claim that the musician’s assets were around a million.


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