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Ed Boswell Biography, Wikipedia and Net Worth :Meet The Alleged Von Dutch Creator

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Ed Boswell Biography, Wikipedia and Net Worth :Meet The Alleged Von Dutch Creator


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LA-based art dealer and collector Ed Boswell is one among three Von Dutch creators. Is he on Wikipedia? If not, this wiki-style article might be helpful for you. 

Ed Boswell is a renowned art dealer and collector who specializes in rare prints and fine art. He is known for his incredible and rare artistic skills and designs. His work is praise-worthy. 

Moreover, his Facebook bio states that he was the founder of Boswell designs. He completed his further education at California State University and went to Millikan High School.

As per the Focus, Ed’s Boswell designs are visible in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Houzz confirmed.

Nevertheless, Ed is an experienced artist. He has worked in several reputed art museums and galleries. Besides that, he is married and blessed with a happy family. 

Who Is Ed Boswell? Wikipedia And Age Divulged

Ed Boswell owns Boswell Designs. Also, he is one of three Von Dutch creators. 

Moreover, Ed has no legit Wikipedia page, but he is available on Facebook. The unnamed Ed is famous in the artistic world. 

Nevertheless, his actual age and date of birth are out of sight now. As per our knowledge, his age must be around 50-55 years old. 

Ed maintains a low-key profile as he is a private person. Due to this, his family background and relatives’ details are inaccessible.

Ed Boswell is one of the alleged Von Dutch creators. He is the one who created Von Ditch clothing. Some other creators of the brand are Mike Cassel, Robert “Bobby” Vaughn, and Tonny Sørensen. Now you know all the Von Dutch creator’s identities. 

As pinpointed by the source, Hulu presented a documentary series titled The Curse of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die For, which explores the brand and lives of the men who claim they created it. You can watch the unbelievable true story behind the rise of the 2000s most iconic fashion trend on Hulu. 

Coming to Ed’s married life, Boswell might have a son. We can see the cover photo of a woman holding a child. There are no further details of his partner and children’s whereabouts. We’ll keep you updated once the information is out.

How Rich Is He? Ed Boswell Net Worth In 2021

Ed’s actual net worth and salary earning are obscure at the moment. We assume his yearly earning is not less than millions. 

By scrutinizing his lavish lifestyle and assets, he must be a multimillionaire. 

Stay with us to know more about the prominent personality, Ed Boswell. 

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