Don Allen Murder: Where Is Violet Walter Now? Texas “Killer Couples” On Oxygen

Don Allen Murder: Where Is Violet Walter Now? Texas “Killer Couples” On Oxygen
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After Don Allen Murder, killer Couple on Oxygen featured Violet Walter and Philip Walter. Continue reading this article to find out where they are now.

Craigslist killers murdered Abilene police officer, Don Allen, according to an episode of Killer Couples.

Violet and Phillip Walter were convicted for the murder of Officer Don Allen, who was tied up and strangled to death in August 2015 after contacting the Walters on Craigslist and inviting them to his house in Clyde for sexual activity.

One of the primary interviews in the show is with KTAB News Anchor and Reporter Stacie Lopez. She recounts her coverage of the murder, beginning with Officer Allen’s death and ending with the Walters’ guilty conviction.

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Don Allen Murder: Texas “Killer Couples” On Oxygen

The episode about Phillip and Violet Walter will air at 8 p.m. Monday on the Oxygen Network.

During a trial in Baird, the county seat of Callahan County, in October 2016, the Walters were found guilty of murder in the death of Don Allen. On Aug. 31, 2015, the officer’s bound body was discovered in the main bedroom of his Clyde home.

Both were suspected of tying up the off-duty police before strangling him to death. According to court evidence, they stole Allen’s police belt, pistol, and radio before fleeing.

Where Is Violet Walter And Her Husband Now? Everything We Know

Both the husband and wife were sentenced to 40 years in jail for perpetrating the heinous act.

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Despite the fact that many people are interested in learning more about Violet and her husband Philips, little information about them is available on the internet.

Their parents’ names and addresses have yet to be released to the media or the general public. It’s possible that not exposing their actual identity is due to a security concern.

However, because they had committed such a heinous crime, the public was outraged and demanded the death penalty for both of them. Nonetheless, both the couple were sentenced to 40 years in jail under the legislation.

However, if you want to learn more about their marriage, watch the Oxygen documentary Killer Couples.

Violet Walter Family Reaction – Photo Explored

On the internet, no information on Violet’s family can be found. Her husband’s familial background has likewise remained a mystery.

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On the other hand, their family must feel embarrassed of their children for committing such a heinous act as killing an officer.

Similarly, the officer’s family information is not available on the internet. To learn more about their personal lives, one must watch the Oxygen show.

Furthermore, Don’s photo has been widely disseminated on Twitter.

Nonetheless, we are working on compiling all available information on the couple and the officer’s family in order to keep our readers informed. Please remain with us till then.


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