Does Robert Durst Have Children? Details To Know About His Family And Parents

Does Robert Durst Have Children? Details To Know About His Family And Parents
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After the news of the death of convicted murder, Robert Durst came into the public eye, people are wondering if he had any children, he did not have any kids.

Robert Durst is a real estate heir; however, that is not a reason he got popularity, but he got notorious for murder and suspicion of being a serial killer that never got proven. Thus, he was still on an investigation.

He was sentenced to life in imprisonment without parole for the murder of Susan Berman. He died in police custody because of natural causes; however, his health was dwindling for a very long time.

Who Are Robert Durst Children?

People are wondering if Robert Durst had any kids, he did not have a kid. He was married two times and had numerous affairs; however, he did not have any child from any of those relationships, known to the public.

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Robert’s first wife was Kathie McCormack, who disappeared mysteriously and it said that Robert is involved in her disappearance; however, he was never found guilty. Currently, he was pending the trial of the murder of Kathie.

Robert ended the first marriage claiming spousal abandonment. He married his second wife, Debrah Charatan, in 2000 and he is still married to her. Many people feel disgusted by Robert’s crime history.

Robert Durst Parents & Siblings

Robert Durst’s parents are Seymour Durst and Bernice Herstein. Robert’s father was magnate and made a fortune from his successful real estate business, which was later inherited by Robert and his siblings.

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Robert’s parents always wanted him to handle their family business, but he was iconoclastic in many senses because he did not want to carry on the family legacy. He became a disgrace to the legacy.

Robert has three siblings Douglas, Wendy, and Thomas Durst. All of them are doing well and have shown sadness regarding their brother’s acts. Douglas is doing great among them continuing family legacy.


Robert Durst Wiki Revealed

Robert Durst is a convicted murder who has also been accused of being a serial killer. He was found guilty of the murder of Susan Berman. For which, he was in jail. He has also been accused of killing his first wife, Kathie McCormack.

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He was convicted of Morris Black’s murder evidence tampering and dismembering the body; however, he was acquitted from the court for that case. Many people doubt his money plays a vital role in all of these issues.

As per Robert’s attorney, he is worth $100 million. Durst family is believed to be worth more than $8 billion. There are many unquestioned answered that remained mysterious after the death of Robert.


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