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Doctors Went Viral- Who Is Doctor Edward Nirenberg?

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Doctors Went Viral- Who Is Doctor Edward Nirenberg?


Dr Edward Nirenberg Who Is He? Wiki Credentials And Resume

Dr Edward Nirenberg is a science blogger, working to bust myths on vaccines. But is he really a doctor?

The United States has already fully vaccinated over 50% of its population. However, the number of vaccine-hesitant in the country is still remarkable. 

However, people like Edward Nirenberg are working to clear concerns.

Dr Edward Nirenberg is a self-proclaimed “vaccine myth buster”.

With the surge in COVID-19 infections and anti-vaxxers simultaneously, Edward got famous by debunking hoaxes regarding vaccines. He is very vocal about his pro-vaccine stand on his Twitter with over 10.9k followers.

Nirenberg is also a medical blogger. His entire page with nearly 500 followers is dedicated to informing people about new findings and research in vaccines.

Apparently, Edward has spent many years helping people with vaccine hesitancy. But he rose into major fame after debunking the COVID-19 vaccination myths. 

Now, he also uses his large audience base to amplify the voices of people who are real experts.

Edward Nirenberg Wiki – Viral Video Explained 

Edward Nirenberg doesn’t have a Wiki biography.

But, he does have an Instagram bio with 13.7k followers. You can follow him on Insta as @deplatformdisease.

Edward Nirenberg has also gone viral for his videos on vaccines.

Sometimes, Nirenberg goes live on IG and answers queries regarding vaccines. He also posts the sessions on his IG profile later.

A user commented, “I always learn a ton. You explain things really well. Thank you!”. Another wrote, “his was so informative and is really helpful in standing up against misinformation!”

Edward Nirenberg Credentials And Resume – Is He A Family Doctor?

Edward Nirenberg credentials and resume entail he graduated with bachelors in biochemistry.

He attended the prestigious Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. A graduate of the year 2019, Edward Nirenberg seems around the age of his mid-20s. 

However, Edward Nirenberg is actually not a family doctor.

Apparently, the biochemist did heavy immunology coursework in college. Similarly, he also worked in labs and journals related to the subject.

Edward Nirenberg has never implied that he has Md or he is a medical doctor. But his science and study resources are pretty reliable.

With his success, we speculate that Edward Nirenberg earns a pretty decent net worth. 

It is estimated that the average biochemist in America earns around $87,123 per year. Therefore, Nirenberg must be earning around similar number

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