Disguisedtoast Death Hoax – Why Was He Banned On Twitch and Reddit?

Disguisedtoast Death Hoax – Why Was He Banned On Twitch and Reddit?
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Disguised Toast is an internet personality with the real name of Jeremy Wang who has been banned from Twitch And Reddit. Why was he banned? Death hoax, age, and Wikipedia of the YouTuber explained. 

Disguised Toast lives in Canada coming from the original land of Taipei, Taiwan. The Taiwanese-Canadian began his youtube career from the contents relating to Hearthstone, a digital card game.

Similarly, his random video streaming on Twitch let him get the Facebook Gaming contract in the year 2019. After the 2nd year on Facebook, he is again back to his Twitch streaming since 2021.

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On the other hand, he happens to be a member of Offline Tv, the group which is based in Los Angeles and involves entrepreneurs as well as content creators.

The graduate of the University of Waterloo gained his degree as a computer science major. Similarly, tech enthusiast has a history of working as an app developer for Mercedes Benz as well as the Royal Bank of Canada.

Disguised Toast Death Hoax

Disguised Toast hoaxed his own death while being on the Among Us, gaming platform. He created a fake impression of his death among his co-players and viewers while streaming the video content on Youtube.

The YouTuber gained a lot of respect from his fans as seen in the comment section. He has 2 uploaded videos regarding his death hoax on youtube.

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What did Disguised Toast do? Why Was He Banned On Twitch and Reddit?

Disguised Toast watched the anime death note on Stream lastly. The content that he watched was copyrighted content and this has pressurized the Twitch officials to ban the Disguised Toast from the social media platform.

Since then he is absent from his Twitch and Reddit. The streamer is also believed to be punished for watching an old PUBG montage that contained a homophobic slur.

More than 40 thousand people were watching him on the stream at the time of interrupting the video by the platform.

Disguised Toast Age and Wikipedia

As per the Wikipedia bio, Disguised Toast happens to be at the age of 30 years in 2022. He was born on the 25th of November, 1991 in Taipei, Taiwan, and immediately migrated to Penang, Malaysia as a one-year-old infant.

The streamer began working on his videos and gaming from the age of 24 years. Blind eDating was his recent non-gaming series on Twitch that he began in the April of 2020.


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