Did Stuart Scheller Divorce With His Wife? Everything To Know About The US Marine Corps

Did Stuart Scheller Divorce With His Wife? Everything To Know About The US Marine Corps


Stuart Scheller, a United States marine who made news after his inciting comments about Afghanistan withdrawal went viral, has separated from his wife. Still, it looks like the couple has not gotten divorced yet.

Stuart Scheller is a highly decorated officer who has exhibited his bravery in various missions of the United States overseas. Stuart has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Beirut as a US marine.

He is a brave man and is revered for his service; however, he has passed many comments after the withdrawal of America from Afghanistan that could easily kindle violence, so the military took action against him.

As per the comments of Stuart Scheller, he has lost his wife and position due to his viral videos; however, so far, he has indicated that he is separated from his wife but not divorced.

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If the couple has decided to separate, they will likely be divorcing anytime soon, or it might also be possible that they have already filed a divorce case that is unknown to the public.

The conflict between the couple started, according to Stuart, after his wife and children were teased because he was on the news and the trial for his comments about Afghanistan went viral.

 US Marine Corps Stuart Scheller Family Details

Stuart Scheller’s family consists of his wife, with whom he is separated, and his three sons. However, it looks like this beautiful family is cracking due to his actions. The couple has separated and seems to be getting divorced.

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After he went viral with his videos and was shown in the news, other kids teased his sons because of him. Due to this reason, his wife decided to leave him and take her sons to a more safe place to protect him from negativity.

Stuart’s sons are very young, and their ages are 11, 9, and 7. People who disagree with Stuart are also praying for this family to come together and resolve all of their issues.

Stuart Scheller Job

Stuart Scheller used to have a job as a lieutenant colonel in the United States Marines Corps. He served the military for over 17 years. His wife also has served the marine for 17 years.

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However, Stuart lost his jobs due to his provoking videos, which tend to have messages that questioned the integrity of the military and encouraged people to take power into their own hands.

Due to his actions, he was court-martialed. After losing this job, he has said that he might write a book talking about the military or pursue his work in diplomacy. He is currently thinking about what to pursue in the future.

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