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Did Harley Barber Make A Alabama Alpha Phi Sorority Video? See More On The Trend

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Did Harley Barber Make A Alabama Alpha Phi Sorority Video? See More On The Trend


Who Is Harley Barber TikTok? Alabama Alpha Phi Sorority Video.

Who is Harley Barber Tiktok? She was expelled after posting a racial slur video on Instagram. Get more about the Alabama Alpha Phi Sorority video.

Barber is a former student at the University of Alabama. She posted videos to social media in which she repeatedly used the n-word and other profanities.

Not long ago, many Americans applauded the University of Oklahoma for kicking out two fraternity members for leading the role in a racist chant that was recorded and viral. 

Harley Barber is a TikTok user who is a former University of Alabama student.

She was a part of the Alpha Phi Sorority chapter of the Tuscaloosa college. However, with lots of critics and allegations of being racist, she was removed from its member.

The school decided Barber does not reflect their values and cannot continue her education at the University.

Recently, Barber’s TikTok is making a lot of reach from the video she made in 2018. 

Alabama Alpha Phi Sorority Video Explained

Harley Barber identified herself as an Alabama Alpha Phi Sorority member in a racial slur video.

The 22-year-old New Jersey native was expelled after she posted videos to Instagram rife with racial slurs.

She posted videos to Instagram on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In the video, she stands near a sink and says, “we don’t waste water because of people in Syria.”

“I love how I act like I love black people, because I f****** hate n*****,” Barber rants in the video, repeating the epithet multiple times.

Moreover, Barber responded to critics of the first video in her second post. She declares that she “doesn’t care if it’s Martin Luther King Day”. She screamed the n word over and over again.

Note: We completely condemn racism and those who use racial slurs

After the video went viral and took the internet by storm, University released a statement saying Barber was no longer enrolled as they have found the videos “highly offensive and deeply hurtful.”

Meet Her On Instagram

Harley Barber Instagram account is no longer available.

Well, she took her fake Instagram account to post at least two racist video rants.

People were massively against Instagram’s racism videos.

Twitter user @TabisBack called out Barber’s videos. The first one was posted a little before 1 p.m. CT originally on Instagram. In the video, Barber could be seen turning off a water faucet in an undisclosed bathroom.

Similarly, in a second video which @TabisBack shared two minutes after the first, Barber continued to rant about those who were calling her out for her use of the n-word.

Harley Barber Boyfriend Revealed

Harley Barber boyfriend is still under the wrap.

There’s no information regarding her love life or relationships on the Web.

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