Did Anthony Turner Kill Michelle Avan? Details To Know About The Murder Case

Did Anthony Turner Kill Michelle Avan? Details To Know About The Murder Case
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Michelle Avan, an executive of Bank of America, died after being heavily assaulted; her boyfriend, Anthony Turner, has been accused of killing her. However, the verdict has not been yet released.

Michelle Avan is said to have been a victim of Anthony Turner’s rage, which led to her death. Since her death, Anthony has been taken into custody; however, the court has not yet decided.

Avan’s son and family are devasted by the death of their dearest. They have been very vocal about the issue and have criticized the DA office for not charging Turner properly for the crime he committed.

Who Is Anthony Turner? Michelle Avan Ex-Boyfriend Suspected Of Killing Her

Anthony Turner was the boyfriend of a successful bank executive, Michelle Avan, who he has been charged with murdering and beating. Turner has pleaded not guilty, so the case is running on the court.

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Anthony was a former worker of Avan’s bank. It is very likely that they met and fell for each other; however, as per rumors, Turner used to assault Michelle, and people suspect that this led to her death.

The case has still to release to verdict; however, many people following the case suspect that Anthony is guilty. Nonetheless, it will be wrong to say anything until the court decides.

Michelle Avan Wikipedia

Michelle Avan was 48 years old woman living in California. She was a successful banker with a position of executive in that Bank of America. She had a son. She had great success in her career.

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She was a prominent woman banker in California. However, her death stunned the entire banking community. She was still in the prime of her career with many things to achieve.

The suspect is her boyfriend. Michelle lived the life of a successful banker, a dream life of many, but things took a sudden turn after her death. People are looking forward to the court decision.

Michelle Avan Cause of Death

Michelle Avan’s cause of death is violent beating which resulted in fatal head trauma and other complication. The assault is said to be done by her boyfriend, Anthony. However, he has pleaded not guilty.

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Avan’s son has come forward saying Michelle is not getting justice because Anthony has not been charged with the same severity as he murdered Michelle. There is a possibility that Anthony might only be incarcerated for 5 years if found guilty.

This is the main reason that Michelle’s family is furious. The man who killed their dearest is likely to get away after killing the woman inhumanly within five years. This case is complicated, so the court has taken time to make the decision.


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