Dianna Russini And Husband Kevin Goldschmidt Age Difference, How Rich Is The Spots Journalist

Dianna Russini And Husband Kevin Goldschmidt Age Difference, How Rich Is The Spots Journalist


Dianna Russini and husband Kevin Goldschmidt have been married for more than a year now.

Dianna has been widely recognized as a sports journalist. Currently, she works for ESPN as their NFL host, insider, analyst, and reporter.

Previously, she served at NBC News as their sports reporter and anchor. Well, she was interested in various sports including soccer, basketball, softball, and track since her childhood.

Dianna Russini And Husband Kevin Goldschmidt Relationship Explored

Dianna Russini was married to Kevin Goldschmidt on September 26, 2020. Her husband works as a senior manager at Shake Shack.

In the early years, Dianna kept her love life away from the public media. She announced her engagement directly via Instagram in July 2020.

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Speaking about their wedding, they had to plan a socially-distanced ceremony with only close people. For the rest of their friends and relatives, they live-streamed their marriage.

Undoubtedly, the couples were dating before. They have spent many years together before taking this big decision.

Talking about Kevin, he hails from Pennsylvania. On the other hand, Dianna is from the Bronx.

Moving on, Goldschmidt attended Penn State University earning a BS degree in Finance. However, his spouse had attended George Mason University which means that the two didn’t meet at college.

Reportedly, he has been working at his present company since 2019. Currently, he is the senior manager at the Total Rewards department.

What Is Dianna Russini And Husband Kevin Goldschmidt Age Difference?

Dianna Russini and Kevin Goldschmidt have an age difference of two years. Surprisingly, she is the elder of the two.

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Reportedly, Dianna was born on February 11, 1983. This means that she is currently 38 years old and will reach 39 two months later.

On the other hand, Kevin was born on June 6, 1985. Hence, we can confirm that his age is 36 years in 2021.

Despite their age gap, Dianna and Kevin are made for each other. Indeed, the two have a great bond that will last forever.

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How Rich Is Dianna? Net Worth Explored

Dianna Russini is a millionaire. Indeed, she is extremely rich.

Several local sites claim that her net worth is somewhere around $30 million. However, we do not know if this piece of information is entirely true.

Also, we do not know about the financial status of her husband. Nevertheless, we know that he is quite wealthy.

Hopefully, we will find the economic details of the couples soon. As of now, Celebsaga can confirm that the couples live a standard lifestyle.

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