Demo Dick aka Richard Marcinko Wife Nancy Alexander And Cause Of Death

Demo Dick aka Richard Marcinko Wife Nancy Alexander And Cause Of Death


Demo Dick aka Richard Marcinko is survived by his wife, Nancy Alexander of 28 years. Let us find out his cause of death and obituary.

Demo Dick was a respected  U.S. Navy SEAL commander and Vietnam War veteran. Besides, he is also an author, host, speaker, and military consultant.

Dick dropped out of high school in hopes of getting into US Marines. But he was not selected due to the lack of a diploma from high school.

However, Demo was enlisted for US NAVY and joined as a radioman in 1958. Three years later, he was accepted for Underwater Demolition Team/ Replacement (UDTR).

Dick graduated in 1961 and he was chosen for the officer commission in 1965. He completed his training from the Officer Candidate School and worked as an ensign.

Demo was then reassigned to SEAL Team TWO. He earned a BA and MA from the U.S Naval Postgraduate School and Auburn University respectively.

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Dick was deployed to Vietnam in 1967 and he fought on behalf of the U.S. He was also assigned as a Naval Attache to Cambodia in 1973 from where he returned in 1974.

Demo rejoined the SEAL Team Two until 1979. He then handled Iran hostage crisis and moved to the SEAL Team Six. Following that, he worked on the terrorism vulnerability operation, Red Cell.

In 1989, Dick was suspected of conspiracy and lying to the government. He was found guilty of defrauding charges and sentenced to 21 months in federal prison.

Demo’s life experiences led him to write the bestselling book, Rogue Warrior. Likewise, he became a host, consultant, and CEO of Red Cell International.

Demo Dick aka Richard Marcinko Wife Nancy Alexander

Demo Dick alias Richard Marcinko was married to his wife, Nancy Alexander for nearly 3 decades.

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Nancy and Dick tied the knot on 4 September 1993. The couple enjoyed a blissful conjugal life until his death in 2021.

Prior to Alexander, Demo was wedded to his first wife, Kathy Black. The couple exchanged vows in 1962 and ended their marriage in 1985.

Besides, Dick is outlived by four children including biological and step ones. His kids are Kathy, Richie, Brandy, and Tiffany.

Demo Dick Cause of Death: What Happened To Him?

Demo Dick died on 25 December 2021 at age 81.

He was born on 21 November 1940 to his parents, George L and Emilie T. He has American nationality and Slovak ethnicity.

Dick’s cause of death is assumed to be aging but more details are yet to come. He was still working while he passed away.

Richard was serving as the CEO of Red Cell International, host of America on Watch with Dick Marcinko, spokesman of Zodiac Maritime Training Academy, and Consultant of Fox’s series titled 24.

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With his passing, various celebrities and military veterans and paying tributes to him. His funeral ceremony is yet to be organized. Let’s hope that he rests in peace.

Demo Dick urf Richard Marcinko Net Worth: How Rich Was He?

Having served in the US Navy for years, Demo Dick gathered a hefty net worth.

The precise amount is yet to be calculated. But he had a gigantic fortune and he relished a posh life until he was alive.

Besides, Dick also gained fame for his contributions. He was decorated with medals like Legion of Merit, Navy Commendation Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and Vietnam Service Medal.

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