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Death: Who Was Thalia Hakin? Bourke Street Mall Tragedy Victims -Details To Know

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Death: Who Was Thalia Hakin? Bourke Street Mall Tragedy Victims -Details To Know


One of the youngest Bourke Street victims, Thalia Hakin, has been farewelled at a private service, with the young girl remembered as an “inspiration.”

Melbourne was rocked by one of the most horrible occurrences in recent memory on Friday, January 20th, 2017.

Unknown to the authorities, a man on bail terrorized the public by driving his automobile wildly and dangerously around our city center before plowing into crowds of pedestrians.

When Dimitrios “Jimmy” Gargasoulas allegedly drove into a crowd on Bourke Street last Friday, Thalia Hakin, 10, was one of five people who got killed.

Through Melbourne Chevra Kadisha funeral homes, the Hakin family provided a live webcast of the service.

Hundreds of school classmates, employees and family members attended a service at Beth Rivkah Ladies College in St Kilda East before being properly farewelled in MCK Lyndhurst Cemetery in Melbourne’s southeast.

Thalia’s sister, Maggie, was also remembered by Rabbi Smukler, who arrived at the burial in a wheelchair after spending time at The Royal Children’s Hospital with critical injuries.

Mr. Hakin, according to Rabbi Smukler, has been rushing from one hospital to the next to see Maggie and his wife, Nathalia, while grieving the loss of their daughter.

Bourke Street Mall Tragedy Victims -Age & Wikipedia

An “agonizing” sequence of failings by Victorian authorities to stop Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall killer James Gargasoulas has been revealed by a coroner.

On January 20th, 2017, he drove a stolen automobile through the CBD lunchtime crowds, killing six people and injuring 27 more.

Bourke Street Mall Tragedy’s wiki victims are as follows: Yosuke Kanno is a 25-year-old Japanese student. He had just finished lunch with a friend when he was struck.

Similarly, Jessica Mudie, a 22-year-old Sydney-based insurance expert, was in Melbourne for a business meeting. She was just on her way back from lunch with coworkers.

Likewise, Matthew Poh Chuan Si was a 33-year-old architect with an 18-month-old daughter. He had only returned from a lunch date with his wife.

Furthermore, Bhavita Patel was a 33-year-old accounting professional. She had gone out to lunch with several coworkers.

Additionally, Thalia Hakin was a 10-year-old student in primary school. Her mother and sister were accompanying her to a circus performance.

Also, Zachary Matthew-Bryant: When the 3-month-old was struck, he was in a pram with his sister.


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