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David Neal Cox Story: Where Is Lindsey Kirk Now? Meet Kim Kirk Cox Daughter

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David Neal Cox Story: Where Is Lindsey Kirk Now? Meet Kim Kirk Cox Daughter


Lindsey Kirk, Kim Kirk Cox’s daughter, became the first in Mississippi prison this week to see her stepfather, who tortured her family, sexually assaulted her as a child, and murdered her mother, being executed.

The Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman executed David Neal Cox by lethal injection on Wednesday.

After David Neal Cox waived all appeals, the Louisiana Supreme Court set the execution date.

Who is Lindsey Kirk – Kim Kirk Cox Daughter

Lindsey Kirk is David Neal Cox’s stepdaughter.

Lindsey has two tattoos in memory of her mother, Kim Kirk, one of which is of Kim’s favorite animal, a dolphin, and the other of which is of her birth date in roman numbers.

Her mother, Kim, married David while she was pretty young.

Her mother told her when she was eight years old that another man was her biological father.

Lindsey has two younger brothers who are now 18 and 19 years old.

Where Is Lindsey Krik Now? David Neal Cox Story

Lindsey Kirk was in a US prison seeing her stepfather’s execution for terrorizing her family and murdering her mother.

Not only that, but as a child, David molested Lindsey Kirk.

The execution was conducted at Mississippi State in Parchman at 6:12 p.m. on Wednesday via lethal injection.

After filing court papers declaring himself worthy of death and abandoning all appeals, David Neal Cox, 50, was executed at the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman.

Cox pleaded she convicted in 2012 to fatally shooting Kim Kirk Cox in the tiny hamlet of Sherman in May 2010.

In front of her dying mother, he also admitted to sexually assaulting his then-12-year-old stepdaughter.

Cox’s execution was seen by his stepdaughter, who is now 23 years old.

In front of his wife, Kim Kirk Cox, Cox admitted to sexually assaulting his then-12-year-old stepdaughter Lindsey Kirk (shown).

Who Was David Neal Cox?

In 2012, David Neal Cox pled guilty to capital murder for the shooting death of his estranged wife, Kim Kirk Cox, in May 2010.

In addition, he admitted to several other crimes, including sexual assault. A jury imposed the death penalty.

During the execution, Cox wore a red prison jumpsuit and was covered by a white sheet. On a gurney, he was restrained by wide leather straps.

After the deadly chemicals began to flow into his body through a clear plastic tube, Cox appeared to take several deep breaths, and his mouth moved slightly. Within a few minutes, he was declared dead.

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