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Dateline: Who Is Kathleen Savio And How Did She Die? Death Cause Revealed

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Dateline: Who Is Kathleen Savio And How Did She Die? Death Cause Revealed

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Drew Peterson’s third wife is Kathleen Savio, a retired Illinois police sergeant. Was her husband the one who killed her? Find out what caused her death. 

Kathleen Savio’s case will be covered exclusively by NBC Dateline tonight. It took almost nine years to convict the Bolingbrook mother’s husband, Drew Peterson, after she was brutally murdered in a bathtub.

Peterson’s case was undoubtedly one of Illinois’ most well-known, especially after his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, went missing in 2007. Finally, on February 21, 2013, he was arrested and imprisoned.

Dateline: Who Is Kathleen Savio?

Kathleen Savio’s case drew widespread attention, and the specifics may be found on Wikipedia. Drew Peterson, an Illinois police sergeant, was Savio’s husband for more than 11 years.

Savio was discovered dead in her bathtub less than a year after the couple split in 2003. Her death was judged accidental drowning due to a lack of evidence.

However, the subsequent inquiry revealed new information and proof of challenges.

Drew Peterson, who has been in prison for the past nine years, was incarcerated. We don’t know anything about Peterson’s first wife, Carol Brown, though.

How Did Kathleen Savio Die?

Kathleen Savio’s tale will be featured in an NBC Dateline exclusive. Savio was discovered dead in her bathtub in her house in 2004, unresponsive. Her demise was initially ruled to be the result of unintentional drowning.

On the other hand, Garnered Peterson drew a lot of attention when his fourth wife, Stacy, went missing. The matter was looked into again after the occurrence, and evidence of a struggle was discovered.

As a result, Peterson was arrested and sentenced to 38 years in prison in 2013. He is currently incarcerated.

How Old Was Kathleen Savio?

Poor Kathleen Savio was only 40 years old when she had to lose her precious life. However, her specific date of birth has not been revealed yet.

Her husband, Drew Peterson, is 67 years old as of now. He was born on January 5, 1954. 

Kathleen Savio Family & Children

Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio had two children together. Christopher and Thomas Peterson are their names. 

In addition, the police sergeant had four marriages.

Kathleen was the third of his three wives. Peterson married Stacy after she passed away. She, too, went missing in 2007. This generated a lot of attention, and the subject was brought up again and again.

Stacy, his fourth wife, has yet to be discovered. In addition, drawing is serving time for the murder of his third wife at the same time.

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