Dateline: Who Is Actress Tiffany Bowen From Baywatch? Eddie Charles Murder Case Update -In Details

Dateline: Who Is Actress Tiffany Bowen From Baywatch? Eddie Charles Murder Case Update -In Details


Dateline actress Tiffany Bowen was Eddie Charles’s fiance at the time he committed triple homicide killing his parents and his siblings. Stick with us to find more about the murder and Tiffany. 

Tiffany Bowen’s then-fiance Eddie Charles had been staying with her when he committed the triple homicide. He killed his father Edward Charles III, his mother Dolores Charles, and his sibling Danny Charles.

The motive of killing his family and putting them inside a car and setting the car up in fire could be fueled by perceived parental slights, such as their refusal to give him $50,000 to buy a gas station and their disdain for his then-fiancee, Tiffany Bowen according to Los Angeles Times.

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Let us learn more about Tiffany Bowen and take a closer look at her age and parents.

Dateline: Who Is Actress Tiffany Bowen From Baywatch?

Actress Tiffany Bowen is best known for her appearance in Baywatch and was also the fiance of Eddie Charles.

She was also a college student at the time of the incident, but information about her involvement in the murder is not clear yet.

Bowen’s personal life has not come to the surface as of now as she has not appeared on the internet or shared anything with the general public as of now.

However, we do know Eddie’s parents did not like her and thought of her not being worthy of their respect and member of the family according to Los Angeles Times.

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Eddie Charles Murder Case Update 2021

Eddie Charles was convicted of murder and is currently living on death row.

He was arrested on suspicion of killing his father, mother, and younger brother on November 10, 1994, according to Oxygen.

Charles was convicted of one first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder in January 1996. His grandfather pleaded on behalf of Eddie to avoid death sentence but the attempt failed.

Interestingly, he had conspired to kill his grandfather Severino, his mother’s father, while he was inside prison but the hitman he had hired to perform the task ended up being an undercover detective.

Eddie’s death sentence was upheld by California Supreme Court back in 2015 and he is living his life on death row as of now.

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What Is Tiffany Bowen Age? Parents Explored

Tiffany Bowen’s age could be around 45-50 years as of 2021.

However, her actual age or her date of birth has not come to the surface yet. She has remained fairly away from the internet and public domain after the incident.

Bowen’s then-fiance Eddie’s age is 49 years old as of 2021, he was 22 years old when he committed the triple murder back in the year 1994.

Tiffany’s mother’s name is Jeane Bowen, she lived with her mother and Eddie also was living with them at the time.

However, information about Bowen’s father has not come to the surface as of now.

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