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Dateline: Where Is Andrew Suh Now? Wikipedia, Biography And Update

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Dateline: Where Is Andrew Suh Now? Wikipedia, Biography And Update

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Andrew Suh is yet to get featured on Wikipedia. The convicted murderer of the 1993 Chicago killing is coming on Dateline.

Suh is a convicted murderer of her sister Catherine Suh’s boyfriend Robert O’Dulaine. He said that he was tricked into a crime that ended one life and ruined his own.

Well, Suh’s attorney argues a change in the Illinois statute may set him free. The interview with Suh and detectives who tracked the clues is airing on July 16th on Dateline.


Andrew Suh Wikipedia Explored

Andrew Suh Wikipedia is behind the radar.

There are several other news portals that are keen to write about the man who conspired with his sister in the 1993 ‘black widow’ murder.

Suh was born in South Korea as the youngest child in the family. He was raised in a religious and strict household but had stellar days in his studies.

Andrew Suh Age: How Old Is He?

Andrew Suh is currently 58-59 years of age. Suh was 31 years of age at the time of the slaying.

He pulled the trigger in a Bucktown garage on September 25, 1993.

His family emigrated to Chicago in 1976 to start a new life. Unfortunately, Suh’s father died of cancer at the age of 11 and his mother was stabbed to death at the age of 13.

Everything On His Girlfriend

Andrew Suh girlfriend is still out of sight.

The convicted murderer has never provided any statement regarding his girlfriend or love life.

With over 80 years of imprisonment, Suh will not have any romantic peers as of now. His past love ventures are absent on the web.

Where Is He Now? Update

Andrew Suh is serving his sentence at Dixon Correctional Center.

Moreover, Suh was found guilty of first-degree murder and armed robbery.

Andrew confessed to the whole thing about the shooting of Robert O’Ddubaine. His sister is also serving life in prison for ordering her boyfriend’s killing.


He had received 80 years jail sentence for the murder and 20 years for the robber which is to be served consecutively. But, his sentence was then shortened to 80 years on appeal.

He will be eligible for parole in April 2034.

More About 1993 Chicago Murder

Andrew Suh and his sister Catherine Suh were convicted of the murder of nightclub owner Robert O’Dubaine.

It was a tragic murder case of his sister Catherine Suh’s boyfriend Robert O’Dubaine which rocked Chicago back in 1993.

Andrew Suh’s sister Catherine Suh called him multiple times and told him that Robert had been physically abusive towards her.

Also, Suh’s sister revealed it was Robert who killed their mother in 1987. He then shot Robert twice and took off before being arrested in Dallas, Texas.

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