Dateline: Peter Skully Murders – World’s Worst Pedophile Story

Dateline: Peter Skully Murders – World’s Worst Pedophile Story


Peter Skully Story & Murder, Is He Still In Jail Now?

Peter Skully is one of the worst pedophiles to have lived in the world. Here is everything to know about his murder stories. Is he still in jail?

Dateline: Here is a little throwback to the story of the worst pedophile in history. Peter Skully raped and abused young teenage girls and taped them while doing so.

Also, he created videos of his activities and sold the videos via his website on the darknet. He was arrested in the Philippines when he was selling videos of minor girls being abused. He was sentenced to prison for life.

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Dateline: Peter Skully Story and Murder: What Did He Do?

Peter Skully has one of the gut-wrenching stories as he sexually abused teenage girls and sold videos via the dark web.

The convicted criminal lured or kidnapped young girls and made them engage in sexual activities. Also, he taped them and sold the videos on the dark web.

Initially, a family man, Skully left his wife and children and started getting involved in illegal activities. It all started with robbery and fraud until it eventually became child trafficking and sexual abuse.

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In one of his videos, Peter Skully reportedly strangled an 11-year-old and buried her body in his house. The video was a horror one can never unsee.

Peter Skully was arrested in the Philippines in 2015.

The pedophilic criminal was found selling his videos in the Philippines and arrested at once by the Filipino authorities. He was given a sentence of life imprisonment.

Skully is currently serving his sentence in a Filipino jail. He faced a total of 75 charges, many of whose trials are currently ongoing.

A lot of people argued that he should have been given a death sentence instead of prison for life. He is still very infamous among people on the internet as his videos went online and everyone saw that horror he inflicted on those children.

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Peter Skully Wife And Children

Before his criminal activities, Peter Skully was a married man with a wife and children.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, the 58-year-old was once married and had two children. The family used to reside in Narre Warren, a place in Melbourne.

However, Skully left his wife and children and dived into the world of crime until he became one of the worst pedophiles recorded in history.

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