Dateline: How Old Is Jane Whelchel? Mary Lynn Witherspoon Daughter

Dateline: How Old Is Jane Whelchel? Mary Lynn Witherspoon Daughter


Dateline: How old is Mary Lynn Witherspoon’s daughter Jane Whelchel? Get to learn about her mother’s murder case and her whereabouts here. 

The horrible murder of Jane Whelchel’s mother took place in the region known as South of Broad street.

Her mother Mary Lynn Withersppon was a French instructor who was noted for her compassion and gentleness.

When her mother died, Jane stood by her aunt as Jackie sought to deal with her grief by seeking a change in the stalking laws.

That couldn’t have been easy for any of them, and unlike most legislation, it has taken remarkably little time.

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Dateline: How Old Is Jane Whelchel? Her Age

Jane Whelchel’s current age is reported to be between 40 and 50.

Her exact age is unknown, therefore this is only a guess.

While her mother was 53-years old when she was murdered. Mary was born on August 14, 1950. Meanwhile, she died on November 14, 2003, in Charleston, South Carolina.

Jane Whelchel: Mary Lynn Witherspoon Daughter

Jane Whelchel is the only child of Mary Lynn Witherspoon. She was a South Carolina schoolteacher who was murdered in 2003.

Edmonds Tennent Brown IV, her ex-son, boyfriend’s had been stalking and obsessing over her for 22 years.

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After being freed from prison, he broke into her home then raped and killed her.

Edmonds pushed her through the door and knocked her to the ground. After that, he took her upstairs to her bedroom, where he raped, murdered, and put her in the bathtub, where she was later located by police.

Later that day, officers waited outside Mary’s residence for Edmonds to arrive before arresting him.

In 2004, Brown pleaded guilty to Mary’s murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Who Is Jane Whelchel Husband?

Jane Whelchel was said to be married, but little is known about her husband’s personality.

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Likewise, Mary was alleged to spend her time with her friends and wishers. And with her married daughter Jane, who was only a few hours away.

Jane Whelchel Facebook

We are not able to locate Jane Whelchel due to a lack of information, even though there are numerous identities for her on Facebook.

Where Is Jane Whelchel Now?

Unfortunately, there is no information about Jane Whelchel’s whereabouts or other details.

If any further information becomes accessible online, we will update you. So, stay alert.

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