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Cory Chalmers Net Worth And Wiki, Everything To Know

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Cory Chalmers Net Worth And Wiki, Everything To Know

Cory Chalmers Net Worth And Wiki, Everything To Know

Cory Chalmers illness and health issues have been making the rounds in the news. Here is what you should know.

Cory Chalmers Illness

Cory is serving as a paramedic who is helping people that has a big requirement with this disorder.

The man portrayed the role of a professional on the show. Cory with his team is spotted cleaning up the most difficult hoarding cases from all over the country.

He was the one that inaugurated the series after one of the production companies recorded him and his members cleaning numerous hoarded homes.

What is His Net Worth in 2021?

Cory Chalmers’s net worth as of 2021 is $1.6 million. Most of his income and assets are from being the President of the cleaning company.

He is engaged as a President and founder of the company named Steri- Clean, Inc, also known to be a countrywide franchise with having 30 offices. We can assume he is earning great with serving great.

Explore on His Wikipedia: Wife and Family

Cory’s information on Wikipedia is not available yet.

However, he and his wife Mary Kathryn is living a blissful life with their family. He even has shared his happiness when his better half got selected in an official write-up as one of the finalists in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant.

Moreover, Cory shared the page of Mrs. Iadho America Pageant on Facebook that uploaded the information on Kathryn. Well, both the couple is seen enjoying their holidays on numerous destinations. We can spot their picture on Cory’s Instagram which is in the name cory.chalmers


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A post shared by Cory Chalmers (@cory.chalmers)


It seems that Cory and Kathryn love going hiking. Other than that, he also shared his joy when his daughter meghan.chalmers visited him after the lockdown. He captioned the picture stating he feels blessed to have a beautiful visit of his kids with his granddaughter.


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A post shared by Cory Chalmers (@cory.chalmers)


In the posts, we can see them visiting lakes, doing fishing with their granddaughter, and lots of other exciting adventures.

Cory Chalmers Public Speaker Twitter

He is with the name CoryChalmers on Twitter.


Cory is equally active on his Twitter account. He has completed his bio on the page stating as an expert cleaner on A&E’s Hoarders, Public speaker, CEO of Steri- Clean and Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC.

Mr. Chalmers is spotted tweeting about his show when new episodes popped up. He has more than 5k followers on Twitter. He not only tweets but also replies to other tweets as well.

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