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Connie Hoagland Biography, Wikipedia and Husband Larry Hoagland: Where Is Connie Hoagland San Diego Today?- Dateline

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Connie Hoagland Biography, Wikipedia and Husband Larry Hoagland: Where Is Connie Hoagland San Diego Today?- Dateline


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People are wondering where Connie Hoagland is today after they become familiar with her story.

Connie Hoagland is an American woman based in San Diego who was almost killed by her husband.

The incident reportedly took place in 2010 when Connie’s husband Larry tried to kill her by implanting a pipe bomb in her vehicle.

It was his second attempt to kill his wife after the first attempt failed when the detonator didn’t explode.

The San Diego Union¬†reports that the bomb was planted on September 23, 2010, in Connie’s vehicle which exploded when she started it outside of the daycare where she worked.

The woman barely survived but was left with multiple severe injuries and it took her seven surgeries and more than a month in the hospital to stay alive.

Now that the story is being shared with the general public through Dateline on NBC, people seem to be curious to know about her in the present time.

Connie Hoagland is believed to be in her home in San Diego in today’s time, after more than a decade of the incident.

She worked in daycare at that time but now might have already left the job as she is already over 60 years old.

Unfortunately, there has been no update about her life following the attack and the headlines that it got afterward.

No news of her has come forward on the internet in recent times as well.

But we think that the woman might be with her three children and is probably living her life after the possible retirement.

Nonetheless, her life cannot be traced exactly at the moment due to the lack of any clues.

Where Is Connie Hoagland Husband Larry Hoagland?

Connie Hoagland’s husband Larry Hoagland is in prison going through his life imprisonment sentence.

Larry was sentenced to life in prison in 2012 for the charges relating to attempted murder as well as for the bomb blast.

Connie’s husband tried to kill her so that he could go with his college sweetheart, with whom he had an affair.

He was presented in the court for his final hearing in 2012 where all of the family members were present and talked with him for the last time.

Connie, who was nearly killed, has spoken about forgiving her husband but nothing changes.

Connie Hoagland Children

Talking about her children Connie Hoagland has two sons and a daughter by her side.

Her eldest son is named Jill and the youngest child is Jonathan. Her daughter Jaclyn Reagan is her middle child born between the sons.

There have been no updates about her children after the court hearings as well.


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