Christine Fang Biography, Wikipedia, Networth and Age: Read full Details on Eric Swalwell Affair Story With The Chinese Spy

Christine Fang Biography, Wikipedia, Networth and Age: Read full Details on Eric Swalwell Affair Story With The Chinese Spy


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Christine Fang is the suspected Chinese spy who tried to infiltrate U.S. politics back in 2015. Get to know more about her here below!

Christine Fang has bombarded the U.S. social media platforms at the moment.

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Her story of trying to infiltrate the U.S. government offices through political affiliations has gone viral on many web sources at the moment.

Though the incidents happened back in 2015, the news hit the public last year.

Axios was first to report Fang’s twisted and complicated doings in the U.S. government offices.

Who Is Christine Fang?

Christine Fang is a suspected Chinese political intelligence operative.

She is reported to be known as Fang Fang in her home country and had taken the name of Christine after coming to America.

Fang has been described as a gorgeous woman who used her beauty and sexual relations bribery to progress in her missions.

Thus, she earned the “honey trap spy” badge since she had been in good contact with many national and local level politicians.

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She also worked as an intern inside Eric Swalwell’s California’s 15th congressional district office.

Aside from her connections to politicians and their events, not much is known about Fang’s personal life.

She is reported to have been vanished back in 2015 when her covers were blown off by Axios and the top U.S. politics officials.

Eric Swalwell Affair Story With The Chinese Spy Christine Fang Explored

Christine Fang became involved in many affairs with U.S. politicians, including Eric Swalwell.

She was allegedly involved in physical relationships with them and got closer to them to get more official documents.

Eric Swalwell and Fang were close, given their professional relationship.

Fang later worked as an intern in his office while initially participating in his fundraising for the 2014 congressional election bid.

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Many top-level officials have accused Swalwell of having a physical relationship with the Chinese spy, Christine Fang.

However, he has declined to answer the question because he had broken all his ties with Fang in 2015.

Swalwell has landed in deep career trouble due to his affiliation with Fang as he has become the center of top-notch media attention and investigations.

However, he has not been charged with any impropriety due to the case.

Even so, officials believe that Fang did not obtain classified information from her contacts.

The story of Fang has gone viral; however, her current whereabouts remain unlocated at the moment.

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