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Check Out Who Are In Turpin Family? See Full Children Names and Ages In 2021

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Check Out Who Are In Turpin Family? See Full Children Names and Ages In 2021

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Turpin family that came to public attention has one couple and their 13 children. Here is what you need to know about them. 

The family name went public in 2018 after discovered severely malnourished children in the house by the police. They have been talk of the town after two of the children shared about their horrifying experiences in the house.

They called it a House of Horrors. It took them more than decades to escape from that prison and torturous life.

Who Are In Turpin Family?

A couple named David and Louise and their 13 children is in Turpin Family. The name relates to the story of horror, torture as well as tells the tales of courage and strength.

The pair who gave birth to 13 children kept their own blood and flesh in an abusive environment for their life. According to evidence, they abused and tortured their children.

They were sometimes shackled on their beds, strangled, and restricted to contact with the outside world. One of the children Jordan shared to ABC news that her mother once choked her when she found out she was watching Justin Bieber’s music videos on her phone.

Moreover, when the police found those children in their family home, all of them looked malnourished. Later it was discovered that the children were given only one meal a day whereas their parents enjoyed fast food in front of them.

The children were also allowed ot take a bath once a year.

Turpin Family Children Names Discovered

All the names of the children from the Turpin Family are not discovered yet. However, sources claimed that all of the childrens’ name starts from the letter J. Three of them are sons whereas the remaining others are all daughters.

Some of the names of the children are Jennifer, Joshua, Jordan, Jessica, Jonathan, Joy, Julianne, Jeannetta, Jolinda, Julissa. The other three names are not available on the web.

How Old Are Turpin Family Children?- Find Out Their Ages In 2021

The ages of Turpin Family children range from 5- 33 years at present. When the case grabbed public attention, the youngest was aged 2 whereas the oldest was 29 years old Jennifer.

At that time, 17 years old Jordan was the one who saved all her 12 siblings from their parent’s clutches. Now, the youngest ones are placed in child care whereas some are going to college. Some of them have jobs and are settled with their life.

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