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Chaka Khan Illness & Health Update, What Happened To Her? Her Religion Exposed

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Chaka Khan Illness & Health Update, What Happened To Her? Her Religion Exposed




What Happened To Chaka Khana? According to Chaka Khan, Prince’s death served as a wake-up call to seek treatment for her addictions. Let’s dig in and learn about Chaka Khan illness and health updates and the religious aspect of her personal life.

Chaka Khan is an American musician, singer, songwriter and whose real name is Yvette Marie Stevens. Her career began in the 1970s as the main vocalist of the funk band Rufus and has spanned over five decades.

In 1984 with I Feel for You, Khan, also known as the Queen of Funk, became the first R&B artist to have a crossover hit with a rapper.

Khan has received ten Grammy Awards and has sold over 70 million albums worldwide.

Chaka Khan Illness And Health Update

Chaka Khan has suffered from substance misuse and alcoholism in the past.

Khan went into rehab in 2016 after cancelling live gigs due to prescription drug addiction. Prince’s death, caused by an overdose of the opiate fentanyl, served as a wake-up call.

According to her website, Chaka Khan, the Grammy Award-winning R&B singer, is cancelling her July 2016 gigs to focus on her health.

The singer has been enrolled in a drug treatment program.

Her drug addiction, which included cocaine and heroin at times, came to a halt in the early 1990s.

Khan struggled with alcoholism on and off until 2005 when she declared herself sober. After Christopher Bailey, 17, was shot and killed in 2006, her son Damien Holland was charged with murder.

Khan testified on behalf of her son. Holland said that the shooting was unintentional. In the criminal trial, he was acquitted, but he was found accountable in the civil claim.

Despite singing at both the Democratic and Republican conventions in 2000, Khan describes herself as a Democratic-minded person.

Where Is Chaka Khan Husband Family – Daughter And Son Now?

Chaka Khan is the mother of two children, Indira Milini and Damien Holland, from her two marriages.

When she was 17, her first marriage was to Hassan Khan, who divorced a few years later.

Chaka Khan and Rahsaan Morris had a relationship, which resulted in Milini’s birth.

Chaka Khan married her second husband, Richard Holland, in 1976.

She and some members of Rufus, including Andre Fischer, are said to have had a falling out over the marriage.

Holland tried to persuade her to tone down her macho stage persona, but she refused.

Following their breakup in 1979, Khan spent time in the studio with Ike Turner, whom she described as a great inspiration and a catalyst emotionally and in other ways during that trying time.

In 1980, Holland filed for divorce due to irreconcilable disagreements. 

Chaka Khan dated a Chicago-area schoolteacher during her solo career in the mid-1980s. Following their divorce, Khan relocated to Europe, first residing in London and then purchasing a home in Germany.

She spent time in Germany, in a small town in the Rhine Valley, and Mannheim.


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