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Casey Nezhoda Wikipedia Age And Net Worth: What Is She Doing As OF Today?

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Casey Nezhoda Wikipedia Age And Net Worth: What Is She Doing As OF Today?

Is Casey Nezhoda on Wikipedia? This is a common query among her fans as they adore her role in Storage Wars Season 13.

Nezhoda is an Austrian actress. She is better known as a reality TV personality and Storage Wars star.

Casey Nezhoda Wikipedia: What Is She Doing Today?

Nezhoda’s Wikipedia page is not available as of now.

Today, Casey is busy viewing reviews of her role in Storage Wars. It is an American reality TV series airing on A&E. The 13th season of the show premiered on 20th April.

Casey’s husband is also a cast of the show. The couple had received an offer to be a part of the show in its inception in 2010. However, they only joined the show in 2013.

The couple is the main cast in the show as feature buyers.


Nezhoda is an entrepreneur in the show. In fact, she is a co-owner of Bargain Hunter Thrift Store. The San Diego store is owned by her husband too.

Casey Nezhoda Age: How Old Is She?

Casey Nezhoda’s age is 46 years old.

Nezhoda was born on the 6th of September 1974. Her birth sign is Virgo. She was raised in a Christian family. However, the details about her parents and childhood are still to be discovered.

Casey was a cheerleader in her days at high school. Apart from that, she was a brilliant student.

Casey Nezhoda Measurement

Nezhoda’s measurement is a matter of curiosity for her fans.

Nezhoda’s height is 5 feet 6 inches or 167 cms. Besides, she weighs around 65 kilograms or 143 pounds. Also, with Blonde hair and Brown eyes, she grabs all the attention in her shows.


She wears an F-cup-size bra. Also, she has a slender body.

Casey Nezhoda Net Worth: Is She On Instagram?

Nezhoda has a net worth of around $1.5 million.

Casey and her husband earn quite a fortune from Storage Wars.

Also, Casey is on Instagram as @cbargainhunters. She has over 2100 followers there.


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