Capslockfahren’s Magaud Siblings Dead Body Pictures Twitter, Are Those The The Actual Crime Scene Photos?

Capslockfahren’s Magaud Siblings Dead Body Pictures Twitter, Are Those The The Actual Crime Scene Photos?


Capslockfahren: Magaud Siblings Dead Body Pictures Twitter

Magaud sibling’s dead body pictures were exposed publicly on Twitter. Besides, Magaud siblings were murdered, whose investigations are still going on. Continue reading the article to know more about the case in detail.

The news about the Magaud sibling’s murder has become the talk of the town once again. The siblings were killed by three unknown people in their house at around 2 pm when their parents were out for their work. 

Again, the case has taken another heading as some sources revealed their pictured online without considering the victim’s family’s feelings and privacy. 

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Capslockfahren is a Twitter account username. Besides, the account username has been suspended as it breaks some of the rules and boundaries of Twitter.

Reportedly, the suspension of the account username was made as it was found sharing some sensitive contents, the photos of Magaud siblings dead body pictures. 

As per the law, sharing sensitive posts violate the rule. Similarly, the post has offended many people out there, and Filipino people are not satisfied with the people who shared the pictures of Magaud siblings. 

Infact, the victims’ relatives and families also demand not to share such content as they have recently gone through such a huge loss. 

Likewise, people belonging to the country have also mentioned that the victims’ family has suggested stopping posting such content related to the topic. 

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The news has shocked everyone, and the people from different countries have paid tribute to the young victims. 

Actual Crime Photos On Reddit

Reddit is one of the threads conferring the murder of the Maguad sibling’s pictures. Nevertheless, the actual photos of the crime have been deleted from every source. 

Similarly, the case doesn’t just have two victims, as the third survivor, named Janice, has also been one of the most searched people while concerning the incident. As per sources, the third survivor was a cousin of the siblings. 

For the fact, she has also been suspected to in involved in the crime. As per the authorities, Janice purportedly confessed to the killing of her siblings in the lawyer’s presence. 

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As she is a minor, she has been under the control of the investigation forces. 

Magaud Sibling Real Photo And Video

The crime photos and video of the Maguad siblings were circulations on the intercourse recently. But as it is against the law, the sensitive contents were immediately deleted from every online source. 

Also, the families of the victim have said not to share any content related to the sibling’s case. 

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