Candy Palmater Wife Denise Tompkins, How Did The Comedian Died?

Candy Palmater Wife Denise Tompkins, How Did The Comedian Died?


Comedian: Candy Palmater Wife Denise Tompkins

Canadian comedian Candy Palmater has passed away, leaving behind a grieving wife Denise Thompson. How did she died?

Candy Palmater was a Canadian comedian.

Mostly famous for The Candy Show on APTN, she also hosted an interview series in 2016 titled The Candy Palmater Show. The latter show was broadcast on CBC Radio One.

Other than her contribution to comedy and broadcasting, Palmater also authored a book titled Running Down a Dream: A Memoir.

Recently, a tragic news surrounding Candy has been trending on the internet. Let’s find out more about her cause of death and personal life.

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Candy Palmater was happily married to her wife named Denise Tompkins. The same-sex couple only shared around 3 years of age gap between them, among whom Candy was older.

Denise Tompkins, aged 50, was not just Palmater’s life partner but also her manager. The duo often traveled together during her tours, which further strengthen the bond between the two lovers.

Candy Palmater Death Cause: How Did She Died?

As per Candy Palmater’s wife Denise Tompkins, the comedian’s death was quite unexpected. However, she refrained from sharing the actual cause of Candy’s death.

Denise shared the devasting news via a post on Candy’s Instagram, calling her death as sudden. Candy was in her home when she “suddenly passed away”. Her age was only 53 years old at the time of death.

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At the moment, the official cause of the Canadian broadcaster’s death remains unknown. But, she did seem to have some weight issues. Candy weighed around 300 pounds, which had alarmed many of her well-wishers. But, her weight issues have not been directly linked to her death.

The tragic demise of the comedian has saddened millions of her followers and admirers, who are pouring their hearts out on social media.

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Candy Palmater Children And Family: Did She Have A Husband?

Comedian candy and her wife Denise Tompson didn’t share any children from the marriage.

Also, Candy never had a husband as she was always proud of her sexuality and never tried to hide it from the world.

Other than her wife Denise, the only living member of the family is her mother Pearl. Sadly, Candy’s father Guy and brother Bill preceded Candy in her death.

Candy had no known siblings, other than her late brother.

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