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Campbell Wallace on Midas Man Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth and Age: Meet The Newest Actor Playing Ringo Starr

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Campbell Wallace on Midas Man Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth and Age: Meet The Newest Actor Playing Ringo Starr


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Campbell Wallace will be portraying the role of Ringo Starr in a new movie named Midas man. Get to know the actor behind the role. 

The first look of four members who will be portraying the role of members of the popular music band Beatles in the new movie Midas Man has been revealed.

The movie revolves around the biopic of Brain Epstein who managed the band Beatles from 1962 until his death. He was also known as the fifth Beatle for his role in managing the group’s business affairs and leading them to fame and international recognition.

Campbell Wallace is featured as Ringo Starr on Midas Man. Ringo Starr is an English musician and popularly known as a drummer in the music band, Beatles.

The other three member’s roles from the band will be portrayed by other actors named Jonah Lees, Blake Richardson, and Leo Harvey Elledge who will be seen as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison respectively.

The movie is produced by StudioPow and Trevor Beattie Films. Twickenham Studios Chairman Sunny Vohra and former Lionsgate UK President Nicola Pearcey are among the executive producers.

In addition, fans could see Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as a lead role who will be staged as Brian Epstein. Similarly, Emily Watson is Epstein’s mother Malka “Queenie” Epstein in the movie.

People are excited to watch the movie but it is still in production. There is no information about when it will be released.

Actor Campbell Wallace Is At The Age of 20- Is He On Wikipedia?

Campbell Wallace, age 20, is an actor in the movie Midas Man. He is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

According to the information found on the internet, Campbell is a graduate of the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. He is skilled in Bass Guitar, Contemporary Dance, Drums, Piano, and Singing in general.

He has featured on some television series and short films. He is best known for portraying the role of Kevin Williams in a television series Anne that tells the story of Anne Williams.

Besides that, he has appeared on Budgie Boy and Newsround Special, Everyman Theatre. He has also performed a stage show named Lord of flies where he was playing the role of Edmund.

Learn About Campbell Wallace Parents- What Is His Net Worth in 2021?

Campbell Wallace’s parents have not appeared in public yet. Moreover, his net worth is also unavailable at the moment.

His name just surfaced on the internet and once the movie completes, he would probably get more attention from the public as well.

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