Caleb Bond Wikipedia, Biography, Girlfriend, Parents & Salary Details Explored

Caleb Bond Wikipedia, Biography, Girlfriend, Parents & Salary Details Explored


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Caleb Bond is a famous name in the field of journalism. Read the article below to know about Caleb Bond, Wikipedia, and more.

Caleb Bond is an Australia Journalist currently working for the Melbourne-based newspaper The Herald Sun.

In addition, Caleb previously worked as a columnist for The Advertiser.

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Caleb is a well-experienced journalist who openly expressed his opinion on local, national, and international issues in weekly columns. He also writes for Sydney’s Daily Telegraph occasionally.

Caleb Bond Wikipedia & Bio Explored

The Wikipedia page of Caleb Bond is not available. However, we believe that he will soon get his mainstream page with his strong portfolio.

Since the early days, Caleb Bond has been interested in politics. He started his career in journalism at a very young age.

The age of Caleb Bond might be around 20 to 24 years as per evaluation. The details of his date of birth are not known. Moreover, he was born in Adelaide, Australia.

Caleb was just 15 years old when he made his appearance in the media.

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Get To Know Caleb Bond Parents

Caleb Bond is quite a reserved person when it comes to his personal life. There is no information about his parents to date. 

Caleb must be from a very supportive family. Undoubtedly, there is the hand of his parents behind his successful career. 

Caleb is provided with good education and emerging in his career.

Today, he is in the position of a journalist because of his parent’s supports and love.

Caleb Bond Girlfriend Rosie Waterland

Yes, Caleb Bond is in a relationship with a comedian Rosie Waterland. He is open about his relationship with his girlfriend.

The couple is dating each other at present. They are not married for now.

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Caleb and Rosie are in a live-in together; however, they haven’t got engaged either. In December 2016, Rosie Waterland confirmed bi-sexuality publicly.

Caleb keeps posting lovely photos with her girlfriend Rosie on his Instagram handle.

We hope the lovely pair has a better future.

Caleb Bond Salary Exposed

The journalist Caleb Bond hasn’t revealed his Salary to anyone.

As per his career graph in Journalism, he must have a handsome salary and good NetWorth. Caleb Bond has a luxurious lifestyle and a high standard of living. As his appearance tells, he is very wealthy.

We pray for his future endeavors and hope to see him collecting the finances in large amounts very soon.


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