Bwaap Face Reveal On Twitter And Reddit: Genshin Impact Twitch Streamer Details

Bwaap Face Reveal On Twitter And Reddit: Genshin Impact Twitch Streamer Details


Bwaap did a partial face reveal on December 26, sparking a discussion on Twitter, and he has a very impressive net worth. 

Bwaap’s tweet revealing his face has received more than 83.8K likes and 17.9K retweets. 

The Twitch streamer, Bwaap, declared on a YouTube video uploaded on December 23 that he wanted to stream on Twitch more often than he was doing now. 

He decided that he wanted to branch out into other contents areas rather than sticking with just two games for the main source of content.

Continue reading to find out more about the gaming content streamer. 

Bwaap Face Reveal On Twitter And Reddit

After more than a year of playing Genshin impact, Bwaap did a face reveal with his phone covering everything except his hair and eyes on Twitter a day after Christmas.

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It was on December 26 that the fans finally saw for themselves the man behind genshin impact content creator. 

If his tweet from this year is believed from November 5, he is a 6 feet 5 inches man who regularly goes to the gym. For the guys and the girls who started crushing on him after he revealed his picture online, sadly, he seems to be in a relationship. 

Bad news for the guys out there; he seems to be straight as he mentioned he has a girlfriend. 

Genshin Impact Twitch Streamer Bwaap Age And Wikipedia Details

The Genshin Impact content creator, Bwaap, has not revealed his age. However, looking at his recent face reveal, we can estimate him to be around the mid-20s. 

Bwaap has been a YouTuber ever since he launched his own gaming YouTube channel in 2012. Since his first video upload, he has gained continuous support from his fans. 

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The YouTuber and Twitch streamer does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him yet. However, that might change sometime in the near future. 

In a video that he uploaded on YouTube on December 23, Bwaap shared that he has felt burnout the past few months. He revealed that it hadn’t been fun to play genshin impact or edit the videos after recording and playing them.

“I’ve tried almost everything. I’ve tried changing my party. I’ve tried a new editing style for my videos, tried going back to uh editing shorter videos as well, and nothing has worked for I think at this point, it’s time for me to stop denying it and just accept that I’m burnt out from the game.”  

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Bwaap didn’t want to play two games, honkai impact, and genshin impact. 

He revealed that they wouldn’t be his primary source of content anymore. He wanted to start getting into a bigger variety of content and video games. 

Bwaap Net Worth 2021

Taking in Bwaap’s YouTube subscribers of 747K, he has a net worth of more than $210,000. 

By estimate, he earns $569 daily from his YouTube channel. Continuing this line of reasoning, he stands to earn $3,985 weekly and $9,976 monthly. 

Yearly, his bank account sees a deposit of about $108,638.

Forecasting his income for January 2022, he stands to earn around $11,261. 

Similarly, he earns from his Twitch account, where he has accumulated more than 161K followers. 

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