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Brynn Putnam Wiki Husband: What Is CEO of MIRROR Net Worth?

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Brynn Putnam Wiki Husband: What Is CEO of MIRROR Net Worth?

Brynn Putnam Wiki: Brynn made half a billion out of the company she started at her home. Let’s learn more.

Putnam is an American entrepreneur. You may recognize her as the founder and CEO of MIRROR.

Brynn Putnam Wiki: The Mirror Company

Brynn Putnam founded Mirror, a fitness tech company in 2016.

Interestingly, Brynn was pregnant at her home when the idea struck her mind. She wanted to work out at home for convenience. Eventually, she turned her idea into reality by equipment worth $1495 and the Internet.

Brynn sold the company she founded to Lululemon, an athletic apparel retailer based in Vancouver. She sold it for $500 million. Also, she continued as the CEO of the company as it got the new owners.

Mirror has a multi-billion dollar home fitness market. The motto of the company fits very well in the current situations. Today, staying at home is much safer amidst the pandemic. Brynn came up with the idea years ago. Well, that’s what makes you an entrepreneur.

Brynn Putnam Husband

Brynn Putnam’s husband is Warren Lowell Putnam.

The couple married on the 1st of June 2013. In fact, the two were in a relationship for a long time before their marriage.

Brynn’s husband is a co-founder of Quovo, a financial data platform. Prior to that, Lowell used to work at Lehman Brothers/Barclays in the Investment Banking Division.

Brynn has a child named George Putnam. The Putnam family resides happily in their home in New York City.

Brynn Putnam Net Worth

Brynn Putnam’s net worth is around $130 million.

Putnam made most of her fortunes through the company she founded, Mirror. She earned quite a fortune after selling the fitness company last year.


Also, she worked for Refine Method, the award-winning boutique fitness studio in 2010.

Brynn Putnam Age

Brynn has reached 37 years of age.

She was born in New York to Robert Jefferson Jinnett and Doreen Jinnett. Her birthday falls on the 16th of June. Furthermore, she attended Harvard University



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