Britni Alijha Car Accident – Mother Britni Griffin and Son Killed In Illinois

Britni Alijha Car Accident – Mother Britni Griffin and Son Killed In Illinois
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Britni Alijha Car Accident: A 20-year mother and 1-year-old infant died in an I-80 crash on Friday. Let check out updates regarding the cash.

Britney Griffin, 20-year-old and a 1-year-old infant, Ky’Air Lucas, died in a car accident that occurred on I-80 Gary, Indiana, on Friday.

According to abc7chicago, the crash occurred during the police pursuit on Friday, and the victims’ identification was verified by the Lake County(IN) Coroners Officed the next day.

The accident investigation team clarified that the Lake County Sheriff’s tried to halt the speeding vehicle in downtown Gary. The car, which was speeding and weaving, suddenly lost control, hitting the semi spun across all lanes, colliding with another vehicle, a tractor.

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The impact force immediately ejected Griffin out of her front seat, killing her on the spot. Similarly, the infant too was pronounced dead soon after. The main driver, a man named Eric White, was rushed to hospital for sustaining a minor injury.

Britni Alijha Car Accident – Mother Britni Griffin And Son Ky’Air Lucas Killed In Illinois

The Britni Alijha car accident led to the death of mother Brtini Griffin and her son, Ky’Air Lucas.

The accident which took the life of a mother and a son occurred on Friday around 11:32 am,m in the westbound lanes near mile marker 5.7.

According to abc7chicago, the victims were residents of Matteson, Illinois who were in the car pursued by the police at the time of the accident.

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The car collided with a tractor after losing control on I-80 in Gary, Indiana, and on the sport, both the mother and son were pronounced dead.

The driver of the car Eric White was rushed to the hospital for minor injuries and now is in Lake County Jail. The charges against him as of now are pending as the investigation is in its initial phase.

Britni was 20 years old and her son, Ky’Air, was just one year old. At the moment, the police have not revealed much information about them.

What Was Mother Britni Griffin And Son Ky’Air Lucas Death Cause?

The death cause of mother Britni Griffin and her son, Ky’Air Lucas was a fatal crash accident.

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According to the report, Britini (20) and her son, Ky’Air, were in the back seat, when the car they were on lost control on I-80 in Gary, Indiana, colliding with a tractor.

The force of the impact ejected the 20-year-old out of her seat, killing her right on the spot. Whereas, the one-year-old was later pronounced dead on the scene.

The driver Eric White was avoiding the police pursuit when he crashed his 2010 Audi A5, which killed two innocent people in the car. And according to the report, Eric was previously was also involved in a pursuit.

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