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Brendan Cobbina Biography, Bodybuilder, Wikipedia, Age- Black John Cena Viral On Twitter

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Brendan Cobbina Biography, Bodybuilder, Wikipedia, Age- Black John Cena Viral On Twitter


Who Is Bodybuilder Brendan Cobbina? Black John Cena Viral On Twitter

Who is Brendan Cobbina? He is perceived as the Black John Cena who has gone viral on Twitter. Please read the article to know more. 

Cobbina is the young man who has welcomed the latest trend that has taken over Twitter.

Further, Twitter is excessively flooded with posts and comments about “Black John Cena”, and memes have also started to roll up on Twitter with the comparison of Black and White John Cena.

Who Is Bodybuilder Brendan Cobbina? Meet Black John Cena

Bodybuilder Brendan Cobbina is an English man, who has gained huge popularity on the Internet within a short period of time.

Moreover, looking at his Twitter Bio, he has mentioned: “24. You may know me as the ‘Black John Cena’ or the owner of OmegaMuscles. Bodybuilder. Coach. Check the link in my bio for training/diet plans.”

Further, by his profession, he works as an online personal trainer and has been training for many years. Brendan has also started his own brand and website.

He has also started commenting on Twitter to connect with other Twitter users to jest about the resemblance he shares with John Cena.

Black John Cena Went Viral On Twitter

Black John Cena is one of the newest hot topics trending all over on Twitter. We are not sure who has come up with the name, but has earned a huge response, and started to get viral all over the social media platform.

Further, the user of social media, whose Twitter handle account name is @iamcobbina shared an image of himself along with a caption: “Throwback to an image. Yes, I cropped all of my companions and kept myself!”

After that, the internet users were quick to notice a striking resemblance between him and WWE wrestler, John Cena.

Moreover, there were some people on Twitter who had shared a particular shot of John Cena, sporting short hair and a body-hugging shirt, which was highly similar to Brendan in his throwback picture.

Brendan Cobbina Age- How Old?

Brendan Cobbina’s age is 24 years old.

At the young age of 24, Brendan is already getting recognized worldwide and earning huge popularity.

What Is Brendan Cobbina Real Name?

Brendan Cobbina is his real name. As per his Instagram bio, he has clearly stated Brendan Cobbina which shows that he is referred by that name.

But, to the social media world, he is known as the Black John Cena. Likewise, Brendan does lookalike like the pro wrestler and actor John Cena and people on Twitter are not denying the fact.

Watch Brendan Cobbina Video: Does He Use TikTok?

It seems like Brendan Cobbina is not on TikTok. But, there are some accounts that show his videos with making comparisons with John Cena.

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