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Biz Markie Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth and Wife Tara Markie – Did They Have Any Kids?

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Biz Markie Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth and Wife Tara Markie – Did They Have Any Kids?

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Biz Markie wife Tara Markie is devasted to hear his death. Did they have any kids? Continue reading to know about their family.

Tara is a professional model. Also, she is an entrepreneur who has completed various projects over the years.

Recently, her husband died on July 16, 2021. He was a world-famous rapper known for his hit song, Just A Friend.

Some of his other popular songs are Nobody Beats the Biz, Vapors, Make The Music With Your Mouth, etc. Reportedly, he had retired from music in 2020 after health issues.

Meet Biz Markie Wife Tara Markie

Tara Markie is widely popular for being late Biz Markie’s wife.

According to HITC, the couples married in 2005. Sadly, their marriage life has ended after a spectacular 16 years.

Well, Tara was just by his side when Biz passed away silently. Indeed, the model is devastated to see the love of her life die in front of her eyes.


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It was Jenni Izumi, Biz’s representative who confirmed his death. The entire music industry has provided their respective condolences to Tara and his loved ones.

As stated by Wikipedia, the rapper suffered severe complications from Type 2 diabetes. In fact, he was hospitalized in April 2020.

Months later, in December 2020, he was kept in a rehabilitation facility. Reportedly, he had a stroke after going into a diabetic coma.

On July 1, 2021, rumors suggested that Biz had passed away. However, his representatives confirmed that the rumors were fake.

Most probably, Tara’s husband died of diabetic problems. But, the official statement regarding his cause of death is yet to come out.

Did Biz And Tara Have Kids?

Biz Markie and his wife, Tara Markie have two children.

Reportedly, the couples did their best to keep them away from the spotlight. However, they often shared pictures and videos on social media.

Right now, we aren’t sure if Biz’s children were present when he passed away. Indeed, the two are going to have a tough time without their father.

Moreover, Tara and her daughter, Averi own a business together named Lynn Scents. As per her website’s bio, she is currently teaching her to become an entrepreneur.

The mother and daughter prepare hand-crafted soy candles. Furthermore, she is very passionate to teach her daughter the importance of business ownership.

As a businessperson and model, Tara’s estimated net worth is in the thousands. If she receives her husband’s wealth, we can predict that her assets will be in millions.


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Everything On Tara Markie Family

Tara Markie belongs to the Davis family.

Thus, she is also called Tara Davis. However, we are unsure about her parents and siblings.

Currently, the entire Markie as well as Davis family are mourning Biz’s death. It’s a critical period for Tara and her kids.

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