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Bianca Hayes Biography, Age Wiki, Mother And Children -Her Partner Romonte Phillips Explored: 1000-lb Sisters

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Bianca Hayes Biography, Age Wiki, Mother And Children -Her Partner Romonte Phillips Explored: 1000-lb Sisters


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Bianca Hayes, age 32, is struggling to lose weight which is stopping her from being closer to her child.

Bianca Hayes is an American woman who appeared in My 600-lb Life sharing her struggles with weight gain.

The show revolves around people who are having trouble living their daily life and being involved in usual stuff due to their big size.

Hayes also appeared as a struggling person who regained weight after pregnancy even though she had managed to reduce it with surgery before.

She explained how she was not able to be with her child and how it was hampering her life.

Following the story, people have shown significant interest in knowing more about Bianca Hayes and her personal life.

Hence, here is everything you need to know about her and her weight gain journey.

How Old Is Bianca Hayes?

My 600-lb Life cast Bianca Hayes’s age is 32 years old.

People while explaining the struggle and life of Hayes has reported her to be 32 years of age.

However, there are no specific details about the exact birthdate of the woman.

Other than that, anything else about her childhood and early age is undisclosed.

Bianca Hayes Wiki: Who Is She?

Bianca Hayes is an American woman who currently works in a call center company.

Her Wikipedia bio is not available and similar is the case with details regarding her professional life.

Hayes mentioned working in a call center job and has been working there for a couple of years at least.

She doesn’t have any issues with her weight during her job since she can sit all day while working. But it is her life as a mother which is being hampered by it.

Bianca Hayes Children: Her Life As A Mother

Bianca Hayes opened up about how she is struggling to get close to her daughter due to her big size.

Parenting requires a lot of physical activeness and one has to be present in everything that their child does.

It is the same thing that Hayes is unable to do.

Bianca gave birth to a daughter when she had reduced her weight after surgery but she regained it during her pregnancy.

Hayes, who is now 604 lbs, cannot be with her child since she can’t be involved in physical activities.

Bianca Hayes is married to her husband Romonte Phillips who does almost all the work of taking care of their child.

Hayes met Phillips when both of them had a gastric sleeve bypass and had reduced their weight.

They got together pretty quickly and later tied the knot.

Unfortunately, the professional details about Phillips are not known.

Bianca Hayes Weight Loss Surgery Explained

Bianca Hayes underwent gastric sleeve bypass surgery to lose her weight.

She was over 600 lbs before the surgery and managed to lower it considerably after the surgery.

It was during this time she met with her now-husband Phillips. The couple desired a child and Bianca became pregnant.

However, everything turned backward as Bianca started gaining weight during her pregnancy when she had started eating soda and chips once again.

Now she is again about to undergo another surgery and the doctor of the show seemed quite worried about the fact that her first surgery failed.

Where Is Bianca Hayes Now?

Bianca Hayes is now once again in the show meeting with Dr. about going through another surgery.

Hayes failed to manage her size and her weight has not come down since then.

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