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Benjamin Mendy Sexual Assault Video Was Leaked On Reddit – Is He A Nonce?

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Benjamin Mendy Sexual Assault Video Was Leaked On Reddit – Is He A Nonce?


Benjamin Mendy Leaked Video And Photos On Reddit – Is He A Nonce?

Manchester City Benjamin Mendy’s nude photos and video has been leaked on Reddit. Is he arrested? Let us find out.

Benjamin Mendy is an eminent French professional footballer. He currently plays for the Premier League club Manchester City and the France national team.

Since 2017, he has been playing for the Manchester City Football Club as a defender. Talking about his early days, he made his professional debut with Le Havre on July 24, 2011. At that time, he signed a three-year contract with Ligue 2 club Le Havre.

The latest news went viral on the internet. He was accused of attacking three women over ten months, as per Daily Mail.

Want to learn more about the defender’s private life and controversies. Stay with us. 

One of the Reddit users, Fati25, claims that the video and nude photos surfaced online on his Twitter timeline.

The video is not acceptable to the viewers. According to Football For all Twitter page, his bold photos and video has been surfaced online.

Moving on to his age and date of birth, Benjamin’s actual age is 27 years at present. Precisely, he was born on July 17, 1994.

Indeed, his future has somehow been hampered after the arrest warrant issued by the Chesire cops on Friday. As a matter of fact, he was suspended from Manchester City Football club due to this incident. The club has already made an announcement to the public.

Discussing his family details, Mendy has kept his parent’s identity secret. His father and mother are probably embarrassed right now.

Is Benjamin Mendy Nonce?

If the news came out to be true, then Benjamin is nonce or pedophile. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

If the woman he has been assaulting for over ten months is under 18, then, certainly, he is a nonce. 

We have to wait for the court hearing. The women who have been sexually assaulted for over ten months identities and age hasn’t been revealed yet. 

What is his origin? Well, Benjamin is originally from France. Hence, his nationality is French.

Moving on to married life, Benjamin’s wife or femme’s details are unavailable at the moment. Actually, he is neither married nor engaged now. 

Describing his yearly earning or contract details, Benjamin has a net worth of £25,532,000. Manchester paid him £52m in 2017, as per the Guardian. 

Did you know? For celebrities, it’s very difficult to keep their fame in order. Just a small mistake may ruin their career as they are celebrities after all.

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