Beasts Of Bourbon Drummer Tony Pola Has Passed Away

Beasts Of Bourbon Drummer Tony Pola Has Passed Away


Information reaching our news desk has it that Beasts of Bourbon Drummer, Tony Pola has sadly passed away. According to reports, the drummer died today April 1 2021 at his home surrounded by his family.

Tony’s wife took to his official Facebook to announce his demise to the public. Tony’s cause of death was not disclosed to the public.

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My very dear friends, this is Katherine. My love has left us today; he died here at home, with Stevie and me by his side. We could not save him this time.

Tony loved his life and everyone in it. If you punched on, cussed him out if he hated you for years if you hated him if you gave each other the shits if he did you wrong, or vice versa, if he pissed you off to the nines- no matter- Tony loved you all. He loved his life.

One of Tony’s greatest qualities was his ability to be happy at the moment. We can all take a lesson from Tony. Be grateful, be kind, tell people you love them with abandon- make jokes, make love, forgive the wrongs, and enjoy your life.

Life is fleeting, life is short, and this is a time of great upheaval, where the power of love is more precious than ever.

Please post anything and everything you want here; the good, the bad, and the ugly; and someday, I will read each and every one of them aloud to Tony- and he will laugh, laugh, laugh- and be so chuffed that you remembered him.

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