Atlanta: Who Killed Kalecia Williams: Killer Her Boyfriend? His Name & Photos Reveal

Atlanta: Who Killed Kalecia Williams: Killer Her Boyfriend? His Name & Photos Reveal

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A teenage girl Kalecia Williams was murdered while filming Tiktok; Who Killed Kalecia Williams? Let us learn the fact of the young girl’s death.

Kalecia Williams, the 16 years old who was shot to death at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. In 2022, the death of a young teenage girl made headlines all over Atlanta, Georgia.

Kalecia is just a school-going girl invited to the party when she was shot dead.

This incident has happened in December month in 2020, the day after Christmas, which was also covid-19 Pandemic time.

Who Killed Kalecia Williams?

Yes, It is confirmed that Kalecia Williams was killed by her 16 years old male friend, whose name has not been revealed yet.

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After a rigorous investigation, It is proved that Kalicia was in the Hyatt Regency hotel with her male friend.

The police immediately arrested the young boy and took him in custody. Then after he was brought to Atlanta Police headquarters for further interrogation.

Therefore, this case has made limelight in Atlanta state, which is such a scary death.

According to the news, The boy was charged with felony murder, reckless conduct, aggravated assault, and possession of pistols by someone younger than 18 years.

Similarly, the killer boy was carrying a handgun with him, which he pulled out during the investigation and aimed at Kalecia.

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Is The Killer Of Kalecia Williams Her Male Friend?

It is believed that Kalecia was with this boy in the hotel before her death, and everyone thought that he was her male friend.

The boy who was confirmed as the killer is just 16 years old. He is also a school-going young boy.

Police have arrested him, but why he killed her has not been revealed yet.

After a preliminary investigation, the victim girl was inside a room with a Juvenile male companion in the hotel.

The Killer Of Kalecia William Name & Age Revealed

The name of the Killer is still not revealed yet to the public. However, he is in the age of 16 years old.

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This boy and Kalecia were present at the same Christmas party in the Hotel Hyatt Regency in Atlanta.

There is also saying that this boy has tried to rape Kalecia, but he had shot a gun in her vag when she resisted.

We hope the family members, especially the father and mother of a young girl who became the victims of the death of Kalecia, got justice as of now.

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