Assault: Milwaukee Mayoral Cavalier Johnson Nephew Accused Of Sexual Abuse on Elderly Woman, Here Is The Full Story

Assault: Milwaukee Mayoral Cavalier Johnson Nephew Accused Of Sexual Abuse on Elderly Woman, Here Is The Full Story


Milwaukee Mayoral Cavalier Johnson’s assault-indicted nephew and his name details have not been divulged to the media. Find more about the horrific incident.

Cavalier Johnson, who will be the acting mayor following the departure of current mayor turned ambassador Tom Barret.

Waukesha police department has not talked much regarding the delicate issue and the public has been expressing their serious disregard to such laconic gesture by the involved authority.

The 14 years old boy has been stated to have done the carjacking and sexual assault under influence of his rash friends.

Information regarding Milwaukee Council President and Mayor candidate Cavalier Johnson’s nephew and his real name has been missing from the internet, media sources, and news coverages.

The 14 years old boy was found guilty of carjacking and then conducting sexual misconduct on an 87 years old woman.

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The crime took place at Waukesha Public Library when the old woman was trying to return her books.

Cavalier’s nephew pursued her and hijacked the vehicle and forced the woman to do some immoral sexual acts on him at knifepoint.

The felon’s mother has provided her initial remark that the boy was not arranged but only under the influence of his spoiled friends.

The crime has been proved with better evidence but the involved police department has been way too tight-lipped.

People are now turning towards Mayor candidate Cavalier Johnson for the reportedly slow hearing and proceedings of the delicate case.

The 14 years old boy got into the woman’s car and took control of the vehicle.

He had a sharp knife to throw the woman off guard and then started driving around the community in the same vehicle while forcing the lady to please him in sexual ways during the drive.

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Waukesha police stated that the society of the Waukesha region doesn’t need more bad news and thus didn’t provide much information on both the offender and the victim.

Report On Sexual Abuse on Elderly Woman- Was Johnson’s Nephew Arrested?

Police arrested the 14 years old nephew and criminal of Mayor candidate Cavalier on November 30 shortly after the lady hinted at the local authorities about the serious situation she was in by waving off.

The Les Paul Middle School, also attended by the offender went into lockdown measures and warned every parent of the school kids following the incident.

Later after the Waukesha police department arrested the boy from the crime-scene vehicle, the situation was officially remarked as an ‘all-clear case’.

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Details On Cavalier Johnson’s Family Life

Not much information regarding Cavalier Johnson’s family and personal life has been revealed by the arresting authority.

Reports of a black 14 yr old carjacking & raping an 87 yr old in Waukesha is confirmed. He carjacked her as she returned library books, drove around and made her perform sex acts on him before being caught outside of a school. Nephew of Milwaukee mayor candidate Cavalier Johnson.

— Angar ísak (@Latinxthirsterr) December 8, 2021

The detrimental effects of image-tarnishing possessed by the tragic crime on Cavalier’s political career have been the talk of the gleaming social media and threads post the crime incident.

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