Arthur Labinjo-Hughes Wikipedia: Mum and Parents Update, Are They In Jail?

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes Wikipedia: Mum and Parents Update, Are They In Jail?



Arthur Labinjo Hughes’s Wikipedia bio detail has not been updated yet but he was a 6 years old kid tortured and killed by his parents. Find the shocking details behind the tragedy.

Arthur was killed on June 16, 2020, after three months long tormenting of his poor soul.

The killing and cruelty came from his own biological father and stepmother.

The immoral pair has been reported to have restrained the young kid, tortured him for any mess that happened in the house, and also assign a CCTV camera to punish him for his misdeeds if any.

Arthur’s help pleas were always ignored and prior to his death, he was heard quoting “nobody loves me” for the series of punishments that he suffered from.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ Wikipedia Details- Who Was The Murdered Kid?

Arthur Labinjo Hughes, the murdered son of Thomas and Olivia has not been featured in the Wikipedia indices.

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Arthur was 6 years of age when he was mercilessly murdered by his own biological father and cruel stepmother.

Arthur was living with his father Thomas Hughes and his second wife Emma Tustin.

He was living with his father’s newly merged family with Emma Tustin whom Thomas met through an online dating site in 2019.

The pair started living together with Emma’s two kids, aged 4 and 5 in her house, and Arthur was living their combined hood.

From March 2019 to April 2019, just a month post the shifting of a new family, Arthur was already a subject solely for torture and throwing rage at.

In April, police were secretly tipped by Thomas’s mother after she saw Arthur with brushes all over his back which he stated to have been caused by his stepmother who cursed him as an ugly brat.

All this time in Cranmore’s residence, Arthur was locked in his room, made to stand still and not flinch a bit, never fed properly, isolated from the children, and dosed with concentrated salt solutions by the evil pair.

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Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ Mum and Parents Update

Arthur Labinjo was born to his biological mother Olivia Labinjo Halcrow who separated from his father Thomas after their ill-fated divorce.

This happened just a couple of months before Arthur’s second birthday.

The kid then lived under the care of his now-divorced mother until she was arrested for stabbing her ex-lover while sleeping.

In 2019, Olivia was jailed for first-degree murder and since then Arthur was shifted to his father’s care.

Although social service authorities were warned earlier by the concerned grandmother, Arthur’s state was deemed good as Tustin and Thomas plotted stories about the brushes and threatened the kid against sharing a word.

Indicted Charges On Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ Parents? Are They In Jail?

Arthur’s death on Tuesday afternoon of June 16, 2020, came from a plotted and routine salt slurry poisoning.

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Emma was repeatedly dosing his diet and drink with the salt solution for the past months and on the very day of his death, Arthur had an intake of six and a half tablespoons of salt.

Arthur’s father Thomas has been charged with ignorance regarding a child’s custody, involvement in manslaughter, and iterative child torture.

Emma has been found guilty of first-degree murder and child cruelty by the Court decision.

Emma has been sentenced to 29 years and Thomas will be jailed for 21 years following the killing of their son Arthur.

The deceased soul will be attributed by Aston Villa and Birghimham Palace soccer team on Sunday at the 6th minute of the game as a tribute and advocacy for child protection.

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