Arrested: Who Is Aaron Quinones From Miami Florida? Strangling Woman Video Details

Arrested: Who Is Aaron Quinones From Miami Florida? Strangling Woman Video Details


Aaron Quinones was arrested by Miami Dade police after he escaped from a scene of the crime he initiated. Where is he now? 

Aaron Quinones attacked a 26-year-old woman waiting for a bus after New Year. The year 2022 did not start on the right foot for the woman in her late 20s who was waiting for a bus scrolling through her phone. 

The reason behind the attack is still not something that has been released officially by the Miami-Dade Police Department. Police are still investigating the Florida man who was motivated to take the life of another human being without a cause. 

Aaron Quinones Arrested: Who Is He?

Aaron Quinones is based in Florida who violently attacked a stranger on Sunday. He is currently facing charges and will likely spend the next few years in jail contemplating his actions. 

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Why he took such drastic measures is still not known. At 11:02 am, two people were affected heavily by the scene at a bus stop in Miami.

Aaron will see nothing but prison bars for the next couple of years while the woman will continually be affected by the event that almost took her life. 

She is heavily injured though the extent of the injuries has not been disclosed. She was choked, repeatedly punched in the face as she tried to flee from her attacker.

She was saved by a stranger who pulled him off her.

Aaron Quinones Strangling Video – Was It An Attempt To Murder?

Aaron Quinones attacked a woman in Miami on January 2 and has now been charged with attempted murder. 

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Quinones came behind the woman before using his shoelace to strangle her. She had been looking at her phone with a suitcase beside her when she was surprised by an attack from behind her from a person she didn’t know. 

In the camera footage captured by a CCTV, Aaron looks around while taking out his shoelace from his left foot. He looks around before discreetly walking up to a random stranger at a bus stop and trying to kill her.  

He might have succeeded in killing the poor woman, who became a victim of a terrible crime, had a stranger not come up behind Aaron and separated the woman from her attacker. 

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In the case of Aaron Quinones, a Miami-Dade County judge found probable cause for attempted second-degree murder. The amount of the bail was set at $250K. 

Insight On Aaron Quinones – Age Facebook And Family

Aaron Quinones is a 27-year-old man who has been labeled as a “monster” by the public after his despicable actions were publicized.

The video showing the terrible crime has been shared and viewed multiple times after it was released for public viewing. 

Details regarding his family are not known at the moment. However, they are probably ashamed of the man he has become. It is not known whether he has a Facebook account. 


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